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36 Year Old · Male · From Knoxville, TN · Invited by: Moves Her Body ... · Joined on November 12, 2006 · Born on February 5th
36 Year Old · Male · From Knoxville, TN · Invited by: Moves Her Body ... · Joined on November 12, 2006 · Born on February 5th

Im new to cherry tap!Hello, My name is Joey! Welcome to My page. Please feel free to look around at My Pictures, Comments and anything else that catches your eye and or intrested you! Also If you wish too Add me, Message me or leave comments by all means feel free too do so!!! About me: I am 20yrs old and turning 21 in 3 months! I like to be all outgoing and fun even when things get down! I am random at times and I enjoy helping people out with all sorts of problems and such! I am easy to get along with and I enjoy pretty much of everything! I like to sing and many people tell me I have a great singing voice! I like to write songs about anything and hope someday the world can listen too them! If your intrested just talk to me!

36 Year Old · Male · From Knoxville, TN · Invited by: Moves Her Body ... · Joined on November 12, 2006 · Born on February 5th
*SnowBoarding) *Shopping) *Working Out) *Hanging at the Mall) *Movies) *Kissing) *Hugs) *Making others Laugh) *Playing Guitar) *Downloading Music) *Listening to Music) *Writing songs) *Writing Poems) *Talkin on the phone) *Talking on AIM,Yahoo,Msn) *Watching it Rain) *Playing in the Rain) *Helping Others) *Making Money) *Working on Cars) *Street Racing) *Girls) *SLeeping) *Dreaming)
NickelBack, American Rejects, Seether, Creed, Staind, Deepfield, Black Ice, Corban, Sum41, Killers, AFI, Simple Plan, Hawthorn Heights, Crossfade, Drowning Pool, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Sugarcult, Click 5, YellowCard! Rick Ross, Nelly, lil Flip, Big tymer, 50cent, Dem Franchise Boyz, Chingy, Chris Brown, lil Wayne, Paul Wall, Mike Jones, Tupac, Bone Thugz, 120 Days, Hellgoodbye, stephen speaks, Nelly, 8mm, 50 cent, eminem, Snoop, Slow jam, James Blunt, linkin park, lifehouse, 3 six mafia, Dj, aqua, Jay chow, deep ng, green day, andy lau, minor threat, frou frou, ladytron, x, blondie, depeche mode, avalanches, nelly furtado, elegant machinery, patsy cline, dick dale, beach boys, plaid, cure, gogos, scott brown, miss kitten, johnny legend, the addicts, joy division, toy dolls, u2, psychedelic furs, calavera, naked aggression, tongue, 400 blows, richie valens, buddy holly, miles davis, duke ellington, louie armstrong, morrissey, the clash, iggy pop, rilo kiley, ramones, ministry, the ventures, moving units, madonna, portishead, kovorkian death cycle, sneaker pimps, boys 2 men, new order, future bible heros, misfits, adult, death in vegas, beatles, kosheen faithless, kurtis blow, aphrodite, suicidal tendancies, sise, 7 seconds, hepcat, mobtown, the police, man or astroman, run dmc, nwa, pink floyd, dj quik, slik rik, playgroup, iron maiden, pm dawn, the muffs, dido, mantronix, led zeppelin, weezer, the faint, expose, 88 fingers louie, the casualties, the adolecents, vice squad, the germs, debbie deb, big sixx, mates of states, tori amos, punk, 80's, electroclash, surf, experimental, dnb, breaks, hardcore, industrial, crust, grind, rock, jazz, ska, dub, free style, the cover girls, tka, the rev horton heat, abba, regina spektor, nelly mckay, HipHop, Hip Hop, Alternative, R&;;;;B, R and B, Pop, Trance, country, johny cash, gun n roses, reggae, rock n roll,

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