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36 Year Old · Male · From Leland, NC · Joined on November 11, 2006 · Born on October 31st
36 Year Old · Male · From Leland, NC · Joined on November 11, 2006 · Born on October 31st

I Am Jack.I Am 21 Years of Age.I Was Born On Halloween, 85.I Was Born In THe Same Hospital JFK Died In.(I probably won't ever get Marilyn Monroe Quality Pussy Like He Did)I Am A Dork And A Half.I Like To Write. I Am Writing A Book Right Now Actually...I'm Working On Two. I Also Write Poems, Songs, Short Stories, etc.I Read Comic Books. That's it. Unless It's HORROR.I Love Horror Movies and ANYTHING Horror Related.I Love Rock, Shock Rock, 80's Rock, Punk Rock, Death Metal, Metal, Black Metal, Alternative, Horror Rock, Industrial, ANY KIND OF ROCK MUSIC.I Am Straight Edge (no smoking, no drinking, no random sex).I Do Not Take Any Medication For Any Problem That May Develop.I Have Never Broken A Bone And I Don't Plan To.I Am Currently Single.I Work At Wal-Mart.I Love Sports...All Of The Main Ones (football, basketball, baseball, nascar, hockey).I Also Love Wrestling. Get Over It. I'm A Dork, Remember?I Like To Play Video Games, Often.I Am A Virgin (not that it's any of your business anyway).I Wear Glasses Like All Dorks Do. =PI Like To Make Videos. (Example: Here Is The Link To The Video Tribute I Did For Yvonne De Carlo After Her Passing):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_tkNUwkw4oI Am Real. I Am Honest. I Am Faithful. I Am Simply Better.I Am The Jack Of Hearts.

36 Year Old · Male · From Leland, NC · Joined on November 11, 2006 · Born on October 31st
Horror Movies, Rock Music, Writing, Video Games, Computer, Candy, Krypt Kiddies, Football, Basketball, Baseball, NASCAR, Hockey, Wrestling, Comic Books, Making Videos, My Website, Myspace, Vampirefreaks, Cherry Tap, Italian Food, Chinese Food.
*12 Stones *311 *A Fire Inside *A Perfect Circle *A Static Lullaby *ACDC *Adema *Aerosmith *Alice Cooper *Alice In Chains *Alien Ant Farm *Alter Bridge *Angelspit *Apoth *Astro-Vamps *Atreyu *Audioslave *Ayria *Babes In Toyland *Betty X *Bikini Kill *Billy Idol *Black Sabbath *Black Stone Cherry *Blink 182 *Bluetengel *Bon Jovi *Bourbon Crow *Bowling For Soup *Box Car Racer *Breaking Benjamin *Brides of Destruction *Buckcherry *Bush *Candlebox *Cheap Trick *Cinderella *Coal Chamber *Combichrist *Confliktion *Counting Crowes *Courtney Love *Covenant *Cradle of Filth *Crash Midnight *Creed *Crossbreed *Crossfade *Dark Funeral *Dead or Alive *Dead Puppets *Deadish *Deadstar Assembly *Deadsy *Death Becomes You *Deathstars *Def Leppard *Deftones *Demon Hunter *Devil Driver *Dimmu Borgir *Disturbed *Dope Stars Inc *Dope *Dorothy Does Drugs *Drain S.T.H. *Dramarama *Drowning Pool *Eighteen Visions *Emilie Autumn *Evanescence *Eve 6 *Everclear *Fall Out Boy *Fashion Bomb *FDQFP13 *Fear Factory *Filter *Finch *Finger Eleven *Flaw *Flock of Seagulls *Flyleaf *Fort Minor *From First To Last *Fuel *Future Leaders of the World *Garbage *Genitorturers *God Module *Godhead *Godsmack *Goo Goo Dolls *Green Day *Guano Apes *Guns and Roses *GWAR *Haggard *Hanzel Und Gretyl *Hatebreed *Hedley *Helltrash *Hinder *Hole *Human Factors Lab *Impathy *Institute *Jack of Hearts *Jack off Jill *Jaded *Jem *Jimmie's Chicken Shack *Jimmy Eat World *Joan Jett *Kill Hannah *KISS *Kittie *Korn *L7 *Lacuna Coil *Leather Angel *Led Zeppelin *Limp Bizkit *Linkin Park *Live *Lollipop Lust Kill *London After Midnight *Lordi *Lostprophets *Lynard Skynard *Makeshift Romeo *Maniac Spider Trash *Marilyn Manson *Massive Attack *Matchbox Twenty *Meat Loaf *Metallica *Mindless Self Indulgance *Motley Crue *Mudvayne *Murderdolls *Mushroomhead *My Chemical Romance *My Ruin *Napoleon Blownaparts *Nebulah-H *Nickelback *Nightwish *Nikki Hurst *Nine Inch Nails *Nirvana *No Doubt *Nonpoint *Nothingface *Oasis *Offspring *OK GO *Orgy *Otep *Our Lady Peace *Ozzy Osbourne *Papa Roach *Payable On Death *Pearl Jam *Peppermint Creeps *Pink Floyd *Poison The Well *Poison *Porcelain and the Tramps *Powerman 5000 *Professional Murder Music *Psyclon Nine *Puddle of Mudd *Queen *Quiet Riot *Radiohead *Rammstein *Rasputina *Red Hot Chili Peppers *Rehab *Rezurex *Rikets *Rob Zombie *Ronnie James Dio *Saliva *Scarling *Scorpions *Scott Stapp *Scum of the Earth *Seether *Semisonic *Senses Fail *Sevendust *Sex Pistols *Shinedown *Showbread *Simple Plan *Skid Row *Skillet *Skin Dred *Skinny Puppy *SkumLove *Slipknot *Smashing Pumpkins *Smile Empty Soul *Snow Patrol *Soft Cell *Soil *Soundgarden *Spectrum X *Spineshank *Spyder Baby *SR-71 *Staind *Static X *Stone Sour *Stutterfly *Sugarcult *Sum 41 *SWiLL *Switchblade Symphony *System of a Down *System Syn *t3chn0ph0b1a *Tatu *Ten Years *The 69 Eyes *The Agony Scene *The Birthday Massacre *The Cars *The Cranberries *The Cure *The Darkness *The Distillers *The Exies *The Glammazombies *The Horrorpops *The Killers *The Others *The Pink Spiders *The Ramones *The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus *The Strokes *The Texas Drag Queen Massacre *The Union Underground *The Used *The Vines *The White Stripes *Theory of a Deadman *Third Eye Blind *Thornley *Thousand Foot Krutch *Three Days Grace *Three Doors Down *Throwdown *Tom Petty *Tool *Toxic Twist *Trapt *Trashlight Vision *Twisted Sister *Under The Influence of Giants *Undercover Slut *Unter Null *Velvet Acid Christ *Velvet Revolver *Veruca Salt *VNV Nation *Wednesday 13 *Weezer *White Zombie *Wolfmother *Wumpscut *XP8 *Yellowcard *Zebrahead *Zeromancer *Zombie Ghost Train *Zombie Girl *Zombina and the Skeletones

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