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35 Year Old · From Jacksonville, AL · Joined on November 9, 2006 · Born on May 19th
35 Year Old · From Jacksonville, AL · Joined on November 9, 2006 · Born on May 19th

Come my soul! release yourself of the prison of the body and fly with me for the roads unpublished and secret of my dreams. Tell me my soul! why you want to be tied to a body that grows in age? Come my soul! Let us fly into the infinite and while we arrive there we go, making reality each one of the dreams Come my soul! it is time of flying it is time to transcend it is time to abandon the flesh and to reach the stars that wait for us there in the infinite Come soul! Let us go to fly. You will go back to me because I am the meaning of your life! You will return with stooping head and the look lost in the memories; you will return with your soul loaded with new experiences and sweet and sour livings they were not able to erase, the moments lived together with me. You will return tired of traveling without direction for unknown roads. You will return with a smile that wants to be cheerful but it is the same sadness leaving your mouth. You will return again! and I will be waiting for you with open arms, because to live without you is to live without living. it is to die slowly in the nostalgia. Yes, I don't deny it! I will be waiting for you because my life without you doesn't make sense I will be waiting for you because you are the meaning of my life, too!!

35 Year Old · From Jacksonville, AL · Joined on November 9, 2006 · Born on May 19th
My one secret is that I'm in love with you. Every time I see you, my heart beats so fast. I think of you all day, and night. Dearest... my heart cries out your name, just for you to understand my feelings for you. If you were ever mine, I would treat you with full respect And feel the feeling of holding you in my arms--forever. Just one wish I wish for... please, dearest angel... understand my feelings for you.
i am a freshman football player at Jacksonville gamecock. I am a business mangement & a sport science & nutient major. I love to write poetry, play basketball, and woman alway.. If you think i am good looking hit me up message or call 1-256-782-7469.. only woman....
i love pussy ....

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    Hey there!!! Just wanted to wish you a Happy Hump Day!!!Hope things are going well in your neck of the woods!! Come by and see me sometime!!Kristin

    15 years ago · Reply
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