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35 Year Old · Invited by: 158234 · Joined on November 8, 2006 · Born on September 9th
35 Year Old · Invited by: 158234 · Joined on November 8, 2006 · Born on September 9th

I am a Lesbian so all mmen leave me aloneI am a Pagan by xhoice and belieflike to ski and board ride bmxOnly intresed in other girls

35 Year Old · Invited by: 158234 · Joined on November 8, 2006 · Born on September 9th
My Pagan Life I am Pagan. I am a part of the whole of Nature. The Rocks, the Animals, the Plants, the Elements, and Stars are my relatives. Other humans are my sisters and brothers, whatever their races, colors, genders, sexual orientations, ages, nationalities, religions, lifestyles. Planet Earth is my home. I am a part of this large family of Nature, not the master of it. I have my own special part to play and I seek to discover and play that part to the best of my ability. I seek to live in harmony with others in the family of Nature, treating others with respect. I am Pagan. I see circles of change and renewal not only within my own life's journey, but in my heritage. I see my life as a circle that connects with the life circles of my ancestors. They are part of me and my life. I am Pagan. For every problem there is at least one workable solution as well as opportunity for growth. I create my own reality with my thoughts, feelings, and actions. Whatever I send out always returns. I seek to abide by the Wiccan Rede: "And It Harm None, Do What You Will." I am Pagan. I embrace Pantheism, acknowledging that the Divine is everywhere and in everything. I honor the Divine that is within the oak trees in the forest, in the herbs in the garden, in the wild birds singing in the trees, in the rock outcroppings on the hillside & in myself. I am Pagan. I know that Divinity has many facets and I experience this through a variety of Goddesses, Gods, and other spiritual forms. I also honor Divine Oneness, the Unity of All. My personal encounters with Pagan Goddesses, Gods, and other Divine forms have transformed and enriched my life. I am Pagan. My spiritual practices include self-acceptance and understanding, instead of self-rejection. I share my views with others when I sense it is right, but I do not proselytize, claiming my way is the only true right way for everyone. There are many paths up the mountain of spiritual understanding, not just one path. I am Pagan. I hear the cries of Mother Earth who is upset with the harm being done to the environment by humankind. I am dismayed by the pollution of the air, the soil, and the waters, and by the domination games being played by nations with the fire of nuclear missiles and other weapons of mass destruction. I also am concerned about spiritual pollution on the Planet -- selfishness, hatred, greed for money and power, addiction, violence, despair. I am Pagan. Nature Spirituality is my religion and my life's foundation. Nature is my spiritual teacher and holy book. I am part of Nature and Nature is part of me. My understanding of Nature's inner mysteries grows as I journey on this spiritual path. I am Pagan. I celebrate the changing seasons, the turning of the Wheel of the Year. I celebrate with singing, dancing, feasting, rituals, and in other ways. Samhain, commonly known as Halloween, is a time for gazing into the future and for paying homage to my Ancestors and other loved ones in the Spirit world. I am Pagan. I also honor the seasons of life within my life's journey -- beginnings, growth, fruition, harvest, endings, rest, and beginnings again. Life is a Circle with many cycles. With every Ending comes a new Beginning. Within Death there is the promise of Rebirth. Thank You Katlin! May You Walk In The Light Embrace The Dark And In The Twilight Find Your Way Kahuna In magical lands beneath the sun where the flowers rise in spring The trees may bud and the waters run and the fairies song shall ring Or maybe on a cloudless night with swaying oak trees near The Elven-stars as jewels so bright amid their braided hair Though here at journeys' end i lie in darkness buried deep Beneath all towers strong and high beneath all mountains steep Above all shadows rides the sun and the stars forever dwell I will not say the day is done nor bid those stars farewel
Jaz rock
hex witch

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