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34 Year Old · Invited by: In Iraq girlsSh... · Joined on November 6, 2006 · Born on May 26th
34 Year Old · Invited by: In Iraq girlsSh... · Joined on November 6, 2006 · Born on May 26th

Just so Everyone knows.. i dont mean to be rude but i dont really understand this site just yet and until then im sorry if i get get messages or "shoutouts" or things like that but heres alittle bit about me you might want to knowMy Name is Alyssa Im 18 and Im fucking loving it... My Birthday is May 26th (buy me stuff...j/k) anyway...I love carz... if you havent figured it out yet!. My Dream car would have to be a Nissan 240sx or a Nissan 350z! I can't really say I have many Female friends... Oh Well!!! Shit Happens ! I love my attitude! Im a bitch and a very stressful one at that!! I hate falling in Love because i fall to fast!! I don't take things to heart when people tell me they don't like, nor do i care! But i do notice the little things people do for me!!! I love the color of my eyes and Yes I do wish i had bigger boobs!! Im open minded and im not afriad to say what i need to! I love working just not on the weekends, I love the people i work with but i hate the pay! I love to sing and i don't care who hears it! I write to relax! Speed is amazing (car speed not the drug). I don't do drugs, but i drink! I love the music i listen to because it helps me think better! I hate guys that just talked to me because they think im going to give them a piece of ass (sorry!!)! Im not a girlie girl only when it comes to make-up ! I burp alot because i only drink soda! I love my room mate, He's one of my best friends! Going on long car rides is amazing! Im friends with most of my ex's... I take pictures of myself when im bored. I hate hot weather, it makes me more cranky! I have anexity, which is slowly being controlled. I love guys who smell good! I like getting flowers and holding hands... I love cuddling or just walking under the stars! I talk alot! I am a Gemini And proud of it! I have 4 tattoo's and 3 peircings other then my ears.. I love Music.. I love music any kinda some thing i can get into . I die my hair like every other week cuz i get bored with one color its red right now ! The End!!!

34 Year Old · Invited by: In Iraq girlsSh... · Joined on November 6, 2006 · Born on May 26th
Hawthorne Heights, Deftones, The Used, HateBreed, Blood For Blood, Oasis, Atreyu, Afi, chiodos, Foo Fighters, My Chemical Romance, Panic At The Disco, Stone Sour, Tom Petty, Yellowcard

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