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41 Year Old · Male · From Oak Forest, IL · Joined on May 30, 2006 · Relationship status: Single · Born on October 11th
41 Year Old · Male · From Oak Forest, IL · Joined on May 30, 2006 · Relationship status: Single · Born on October 11th

Well I am a fun pretty easy goin guy unless u piss me off, then not so easy goin.... I luv to have some coktails when I don't have too work the next dy, cause 1 leads to 2 and 3 then 4 and I'm fuckin wasted with no sleep and 10 hrs of work ahead of me... I like to bowl, travel, play cards, just chill and watch movies, and pretty much up 4 anything atleast once..

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41 Year Old · Male · From Oak Forest, IL · Joined on May 30, 2006 · Relationship status: Single · Born on October 11th
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Alright time tooo change some shit... Well my interest huh? Well obviously u can tell I like too drink, beer only, if u can get me too take a shot u r really special, or I am just plain wasted, which I probably will be on Thurs- sat cause I don't work Fri, sat, or sun, I know I am a lucky shit but I also work 4- 10-12 hour days Mon-Thurs, so it equals out... I luv to gamble at card games at my house with the guys, the games r usually only 5-10 dollar buy ins but it makes it last a little longer... I used to like goin too the boat and playin Blackjack until the last time a couple months ago I got hit 4 7hundred in about oh yeah A HALF HOUR, I pretty much had a 700 dollar Corona, not really worth it so I won't be back 4 awhile... What else, I luv to bowl, yeah I know it sounds gay but when u r good it makes it better, u can win alot i mean alot of money in pot games and tournaments... I haven't won shit in a long time so it kinda sucks... Well bowlin is done for the season so I have more time toi hang out and relax... Oh yae thats another thing i enjoy just doin plain nothin, relaxin and watchin movies, sunday is usually movie day, after a long weekend it is great to just chill, or hang outside on a nice day and have a few cocktails and bar-b-q... I can make a mean burger, but who can't right... I luv to travel, even though I haven't gone on vacation scince I was 18, but I travel olot for my job, actually I am in Puerto Rico right now, I am boredthats y I am updatin this thing. I used to like goin for drives but the way gas prices r now it isn't really worth it. I like workin on my car when i have a chance, but it is a my parents in their garage cause I don't have a garage at my place, The car I have now is A P.O.S but it gets me from a-b so yeah whatever but when the Red dragon is done look out!!! (Old School if u didn't know, but u should unless u were born in a barn!) I luv meetin new people, girls mostly, I pretty much have all the guy friends I can handle... I like workin out, but I haven't in awhile, but don't worry my job keeps me in better shape than if I did work out it is a very physically demandin job. I luv just chillin with the fellas, and with the ladies... I like to do lots of different shit with my hair, call me a fag but oh well, as u can see by my pick I think I have 5 different dues ont there, the most recent is the mohawk, courtesy of FLIP one of my roomates, don't worry girls its gone but if thats what u like it may come back around, its about medium lenght between my longest and shortest but that changes guickly it grows like a weed!!! Like goin to bars. Shit just dancin around my house listenin to my dance music, my roomates hate it but oh well I like it so there!!! Well that pretty much sums me up 4 now until I think of somethin else, talk to ya all later, PEACE!


Well shit pretty damn much everything except COUNTRY!!!! I kinda have a extreme variety, one minute I am jammin Slipnot, the next, I'm a hardcore gangsta, shit then I might bust out the Big Hair 80's, or shit even some dance or techno, it all depends on what kinda mood I'm in ya know what I mean??? Well whats in my player now Slipnot, Rob Zombie, Absolute Trance and Bon Jovi, so yea pretty much everything...

Never Too Late
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