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51 Year Old · From Asheville, NC · Invited by: April ONeal · Joined on October 16, 2006 · Born on May 6th
51 Year Old · From Asheville, NC · Invited by: April ONeal · Joined on October 16, 2006 · Born on May 6th

Hello all. First of all you will read here is true. I'm pulling no punches and telling no lies. I have been married for over a decade and now I’m done with that. The details are not important as for this is about my life after marriage. You may notice my typing skills are weak , my spelling horrid , to bad.. deal with it. I keep a journal of what I do and I will transpose that into my blog. My blog is copywrited , And if you want to reproduce any part of it...e-mail me. Now read on if you want to know more about me , and keep your eye on the blog. It will be entertaining. It is aimed at the fringe members of socioty some call us deviants we call ourselves pleasure seekers and giversso feel free to read , subscribe , comment or whatever. All names are changed but I swear it's the god damned truth ...all of it.. Welcome for all of you who would like to chat with me .. my yahoo IM name is ashevillerouge , feel free to ask for a freind invite and we can chat

51 Year Old · From Asheville, NC · Invited by: April ONeal · Joined on October 16, 2006 · Born on May 6th
The satisfaction of pleasuring a woman... in every aspect , not just in bed but in life. I'm a huge movie buff , love all types of dining from fast food to fine dining. I cook and went to school for culinary. I own my own business. It has long been my hobby and I have turned it into my livelyhood. In reality it's not work at all.. i spend a lot of hours doing it , but in my eyes I have retired. Not bad at my age. I do put in long hours there. But again. it's playing to me not working. I am always looking for new chalenges new things to learn and people to teach and show what i have learned. Don't be shy to send messages or e-mails. Not every women is a sexual toy, Many women i know are just friends and others i am an advisor for. I am a human being behind all this.
Music is a funny thing. I grew up a product of the 70's and 80's. I have a deep interest in music. I went to school also for audio engineering and have worked with a big name or two. My feelings on music is as long as it has instruments and musicians it is worth of listening to. My music is my music. It's what I enjoy and I’m not out to impress anyone with what I listen to. be it cheesy 80's pop 70's progressive rock (rush yyz is on right now as you read this) to 90's hair metal ect... whatever. If I like it ..I’ll listen to it.

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