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34 Year Old · From Macon, GA · Joined on October 6, 2006 · Born on March 20th
34 Year Old · From Macon, GA · Joined on October 6, 2006 · Born on March 20th

im about 6ft2 150 pounds im mixed with black and white my dead beat dad is black and my wonderful mother is white i live in DA MAC-TOWN macon georgia i like ridin fourwheelers, drankin, smokin , chillen i love girls they are to me one of the most precious things in the world....plus they hott as fuk too lol yeah well hit me up

34 Year Old · From Macon, GA · Joined on October 6, 2006 · Born on March 20th
yeah im a pretty cool guy i live in macon georgia yeah you know ho wwe do it down here DSGB rida man im lookin for beautiful females to talk to im into tryin new shit you know im a crazy mu fukin kind of guy hit me up with a friend request and get to know me betta
tupac video ft snoop dogg 2Pac Ft Snoop Dogg 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted
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