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36 Year Old · Female · Joined on October 3, 2006 · Born on March 20th
36 Year Old · Female · Joined on October 3, 2006 · Born on March 20th

Online Games

Hi there. Well I'm 22 years old! Currently living in southern Ga. I love to sing,dance,reading,writing,and being me. I wanted to give a few shout outs to some people who have stood by through through all the good and bad times.
Bob- You espically have always been there hun. You have always supported every decision I have made. Love you hun!
Deb- I'm so happy for you and Matthew girl! We miss you! You take it easy and congrats on the baby! I know you are really excited!
Tracy- Well you ain't trouble! Sorry I haven't been able to chat lately. But things should be calming down here. Take care and quit being stressed out! Love ya!
Gina- Well girl it's been a while since we have talked. Well other than here lately. I still can't believe Delton is with someone he doesn't even like. I'm happy about your marriage! You have changed for the better girl!
Sondra and Jomo- We both miss you guys. I know things have been rough Sondra lately. But after November or December he will be home with the family! We all need to go out again to a baseball game! We love you guys!
Sarah- Well girl we have a blast when you work!! Yay I may go back to the position I loved the most till I get moved up!! Love ya girl!
Maria- Well girl you know you will always be like a big sis to me and your family will always be my family. No matter where I'm at ya'll are still in my thoughts every day. If it's not one thing with you it's something different. You are now going to be an AUNTIE!!! Hey maybe this one will go better than my last one huh? I'm so excited and happy. Can't wait to see you in Nov. Miss ya girly!

36 Year Old · Female · Joined on October 3, 2006 · Born on March 20th
Video Games
Here lately I have been playing alot on the Wii station. And also been playing games on-line. It varies on what I play.

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