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46 Year Old · Male · Joined on October 22, 2005 · Born on August 16th
46 Year Old · Male · Joined on October 22, 2005 · Born on August 16th

Part One Tribe was founded in Cape Cod, Massachusetts by Rob and Fredd in 1996. They are most known for their long list of original catchy songs, and their ability to set off cold audiences of any age, race, or gender. They seamlessly blend all types of reggae, rock, and blues. Although they have a definite hip-hop flair, they never lose the characteristics of the good ol' rock bands of the 1960's and 1970's.

They are more then able to put together a set list for any occasion, ranging from 20 minutes to 4 hours. They have independently recorded and released 5 full length L.P.'s and a 5 song E.P. The first three L.P.'s: “For What It's Worth” 1998; “Let's Get Down” 1999; “Intensify” 2000 and the Part One Tribe E.P. 2001 were discontinued and compiled into a greatest hits album, the 4th L.P.: “East Coast Roots: 1997-2002” released in 2003, and “The General Consensus: 2002-2004” released in May 2004. Special guest appearances on “The General Consensus” include: nationally acclaimed reggae MC, General Smiley of Michigan & Smiley; and vocalist, Dan Vitale of Boston Ska bands, Bim Skala Bim and Steady Earnest. Along with the L.P. release, the band successfully completed their first national tour. The tour helped to promote the sale of “The General Consensus: 2002-2004” and sold 1,000 copies in the first 5 months. Most copies were sold at shows. Copies have been sold throughout the United States and internationally through CDBaby.com. They also have a constant stream of sales through their own website, PartOneTribe.com. The website was established in February 2003, and had received over 20,000 unique visitors and over 900,000 hits in the first year of launch.

The band's sole purpose in life is to create and play their music. They are known for working hard, loving what they do, and their determination to perform and be heard by as many as possible. Part One Tribe is growing bigger and bigger as the touring keeps growing. They are currently on their 4th National Tour. They have been playing all over the country winning new fans and making new friends. 2005 has been a big year for the band, and 2006 is going to be even bigger and better. They have been included on a special Japaniese Compilation CD called "One Big Family" but out by One Big Family Records, which is part of Sony Japan. The cd includes rare & unreleased music by Sublime, Long Beach Dub All-Stars, Half Pint, The Stiff Richards, The Shapeshifters, and of corse Part One Tribe. You can also catch Part One Tribe on the latest Sense Boardwear Compilation CD "Livin Life to the Fullest 2" which features a unreleased song and a song with Reggae Great, General Smiley. The band will be recording their new cd this Fall/Winter and hopes to release it the Summer of 2006.

46 Year Old · Male · Joined on October 22, 2005 · Born on August 16th
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