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53 Year Old · Female · Joined on September 15, 2006 · Relationship status: Married · Born on December 15th · 4 referrals joined!
53 Year Old · Female · Joined on September 15, 2006 · Relationship status: Married · Born on December 15th · 4 referrals joined!

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These are some causes that are very close to my heart...

I live with my husband and son and daughter in a town in Wales, i also have a beautiful grandaughter who is the light in my world.

I have been on this site since it was called 'Lost Cherry' and i have made some awesome friends.I feel that friends are an important and precious part of our lifes journey and i am always willing to make room for more people who genuinely want to be friends.So if that's you, hit me up!
Please understand that i have a real life outside of Fuland which takes up alot of my time. So if i don't spend alot of time rating all your stuff don't get stroppy with me and delete me! I will rate your stuff as and when i have time.

Please don't send me blank friend requests as i will deny them, i am not interested in bumping up your numbers! If you send me a friend request and i accept it i expect you to be 'a friend' and stop by my page to 'see' me as and when you can.

If you send me a friend request and after i accept it i never hear from you and you never stop by my page, i will delete you, you have been warned!

I am an honest and loyal person who has had various and many life experiences, but however bleak my life has got i have always tried to look on the positive side, no matter how hard that has been on times. I am positive and up beat by nature and i am a good listner, so if you need a friendly ear i am here :o)

Well i think i've rambled on for long enough lol, anything else you want to know just stop by and ask, i don't bite ...... much!! :o)

53 Year Old · Female · Joined on September 15, 2006 · Relationship status: Married · Born on December 15th · 4 referrals joined!
I have varied interests, some of which are :

Reading - mystery novels, ghost stories - fact and fiction, love stories, horror - especially from Stephen King, true stories - crime, thrillers etc.

Walking, cooking, listening to music

Socialising - whether in person (i don't have alot of spare time to do that :o( ) or in cyber world - chatting on msn, here and emailing.

I love animals, in particular dogs, tigers, dolphins.

I love films too.

But my favourite thing in the whole world is looking after my grand daughter !!


I like all sorts of music from rock and pop to ballads - it all depends on what mood i'm in !! :)

Some of my all time fav artists are:

Toto,Asia, Meatloaf, Michael Bolton, Cher, Genesis, Whitesnake, Van Halen, Backstreet Boys.

I love lots of different movies but some of my favs are:

The jurassic park trilogy
Dirty dancing
Jeepers creepers 1 and 2
Jingle all the way
Kindergarden cop
Muppets christmas carol
Sister act 1 and 2
Bruce almighty
The mummy 1 and 2
The scorpion king
Kangaroo jack
Deep blue sea
Alot of Disney films lol
Turner and Hooch
Alien films

There are loads more but that will do for now lol

I think one of my biggest idols has to be my mum.
She has had an almighty fight against breast cancer and even though things looked really bleak for a long time, she never gave up the fight ! Even when her chemo made her so very sick she still remained positive and carried on.That was four years ago and we have just learnt that she has lung cancer (no she's not a smoker). She knows she has a huge battle on her hands but she is still being positive and determined to beat cancer again.Update! My mum has beaten cancer again - she is in remission!!!

My other idol is my hubby.
His health isn't good, he suffers badly with Crohns Disease. But he works hard and never moans. I have gone through some horrific stuff in my life and my hubby has been my rock (even though i didn't know him when alot of it was happening, he only knew about it when i told him). He has always been there for me, his support never falters.Even when his own dad was dying of cancer at the same time my mum was fighting hers, he still had support for me (as i did for him).

I feel truly blessed to have these two people in my life.
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