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51 Year Old · Female · From Avon, NC · Joined on May 1, 2006 · Born on April 10th · 1 referrals joined!
51 Year Old · Female · From Avon, NC · Joined on May 1, 2006 · Born on April 10th · 1 referrals joined!

Interview with shaper:What is your background: Mechanical and Industrial Contract Engineer/ Kiteboard designer, shaper, and manufacturerWhat or who influenced you to get into kiteboarding? I took a job in Maui (spring 2000) while training to get back into competitive windsurfing . I needed to learn about kiteboarding since I was working for Airush. My second day on the water I saw a man swimming his gear in because something broke. I thought it would be nice to see if I could help him and follow him in. On the beach he introduced himself to me as Jimmy Lewis. On the walk back upwind I mentioned that I just started the day before. I guess he was impressed and helped me out with one of his custom boards. Right then I decided to sell all my windsurfing gear and take up kiteboarding. What experience do you have working in the board sports industry? I have been a technical advisor for several windsurfing mast companies and windsurfing board companies. I also worked for Airush in Maui designing softgoods, safety systems and kitebars. I worked with Ride Hatteras to start and run a kiteboarding school and helped run their retail business. Basically I have been in almost every part of the industry since 1996. What or who inspired you to become a boardmaker in the kiteboarding industry? I guess I started thinking about it in the D.R. when I was sick of breaking all these heavy “strong†kiteboards. I liked the work that custom shapers were doing, but saw the shortcomings in their construction and decided to go out and make something better. Who helped you get your business going and how has it evolved? My father helped me initially by letting me build boards in his basement. As more and more people wanted my super light boards I had to expand into a friends barn. I started out building full carbon, wrapped rail, and painted boards. It slowly became apparent that this was not the best construction for kiteboards. I started looking into materials in all different industries like snowboarding, wakeboarding, windsurfing, large raceboat manufacturers, and even the automotive industry. By selecting the best materials for the specific loading conditions of kiteboarding, I came up with a new construction that is as light, more wear resistant, much stronger and most importantly more forgiving on rider's bodies. All this was done without losing the responsive, snappy feel of a carbon custom. Describe the planning process in making the equipment and the time frame it took from conception to completion: It has taken over a year to develop all my equipment. I am constantly improving it. Several people have asked me when am I going to stop redesigning my equipment and boards and be happy with what is one of the best custom boards in the world. For me, I am a perfectionist and think that there is always a better board and a better way to build it. My boards are similar to computer chips… the ones out now are way better than we ever thought possible, but the ones next year will be even better. How has your engineering knowledge helped you to streamline the way kiteboards are made? I do mostly process engineering on a very very large scale (automobiles). Much of my work in the past was related to analyzing current production processes and improving them. I do the same in my shop. I always try to find the most efficient best way to build my boards.What sets your kiteboards apart from other kiteboards on the market? Lighter (average 4 lbs.), stronger, incredible pop due to full carbon bottoms, faster and more controllable in all conditions. Due to my shapes and designed flex in the tips it is very rare for even a beginner to lose an edge on my boards. They are boards that you don’t have to get used to, you just get on them and ride. They feel like they have been on your feet all you life from the moment you first step on them.Last Words: Ride every day humanly possible and ride it like it might be your last. Life is just too short to miss out. And most of all ride with AggressionInterview with shaper:What is your background: Mechanical and Industrial Contract Engineer/ Kiteboard designer, shaper, and manufacturer

51 Year Old · Female · From Avon, NC · Joined on May 1, 2006 · Born on April 10th · 1 referrals joined!
Living it to to fullest. Getting out there every day and doing something different something fun, something crazy. Making the transition between kiteboard shaper/ company owner and engineer. Kiteboarding, surfing, rock climbing, mt. biking, moutaineering, most of all traveling. Lovin it all as much as possible. Check out my site: http://www.aggressionkiteboarding.com
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