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43 Year Old · Male · From Chicago, IL · Joined on September 10, 2006 · Born on January 2nd · 2 referrals joined!
43 Year Old · Male · From Chicago, IL · Joined on September 10, 2006 · Born on January 2nd · 2 referrals joined!

ANY1 WHO KNOWS ME FROM MYSPACE [myspace.com/chitownjuandoe]PRETTY MUCH KNOWS WHAT I'M ABOUT... BUT SINCE THIS SITE IS A LIL' DIFFERENT N MUCH MORE GROWN UP, I'LL SKIP THE POLITICS N JUST SAY I'M THE COOLEST MOTHERFUCKER ON THE PLANET. (SLIGHT EXAGGERATION)***ATTENTION***, 2 ANY1 VIEWING MY PAGE: IF I ADDED U AS A FRIEND ITS BECAUSE I SAW SOMETHING ABOUT U OR UR PAGE THAT CAUGHT MY INTEREST...U EITHER WERE ATTRACTIVE ENOUGH 4 ME TO WANT UR PIC IN MY FRIENDS LIST OR I LIKE UR STYLE OR U LIVE NEAR MY AREA AND LOOK LIKE A COOL PERSON...LADIES DONT THINK IM TRYN 2 DATE OR FUC U. NO MATTER HOW PRETTY U R, PERSONALITY N ATTITUDE IS AT THE TOP OF MY MATE REQUIREMENTS N MY GIRL HAS IT ALL...IF U WOULD LIKE 2 HANG OUT, SEND ME A MESSAGE, I DONT DISCRIMINATE... IF U EXPECT 2 HOOK UP N BUSS DOWN RIGHT AWAY, THINK AGAIN, I AINT ON THAT...AIDS DONT DISCRIMINATE EITHER... IF U ALREADY GAVE ME UR PHONE#; N I DONT CALL U RIGHT AWAY, ITS BECAUSE IM REALLY NOT A PHONE PERSON.IM NOT GONNA CALL U JUST 2 BREATH ON THE PHONE.(THAT IS VERY JUVENILE IN MY OPINION...)DUDES, BE CLEAR... AINT NUTHIN ABOUT ME THAT SAYS HOMO OR DOWN LOW, SO IF UR HOMO OR DOWN LOW, KEEP IT 2 URSELF...I AINT AT ALL HOMOPHOBIC(IN FACT, 1 OF MY BEST FRIENDS IS AN AGGRESSIVE LESBIAN N I KNOW SUM GAY MALES), BUT ID PREFER NOT 2 HAVE 2 WONDER WHAT UR INTENTIONS R...ILL ONLY ADD A DUDE 2 MY LIST IF UR PAGE IS TIGHT OR WE HAVE SUMN IN COMMON LIKE MUSIC, AFFILIATION OR OTHER INTERESTS...I am West Side Chi-town, Crook County born and raised... I aint anti-white, but I am pro-black. I am HOOD, but I aint loud, inconsiderate N ignorant...Sometimes I talk 2 much, but most times Im so quiet it scares people... Im also very laid back, a deep thinker, very spiritual, usually sarchastic and strong-minded...I luv 2 joke around, but I have an abstract sense of humor... I wrote my first poem at age 7 N haven't been able 2 stop writing since...If u want 2 know more, ask. ALL THAT BEING SAID, HOPE U ENJOY MY PAGE... *2 FINGAS*****THE TRUTH ABOUT ME**** NAME: Juan AGE: 28 BIRTHDAY: 1/2/78 ZODIAC: capricorn HEIGHT: 5'7" WEIGHT: 140-150lbs (it varies) EYE COLOR: brown HAIR COLOR: black HAIR LENGTH: low (ceasar) HERITAGE: Ethiopian/Cherokee/Blackfoot/sum white in there somewhere BIRTHPLACE: Chitown CURRENT LOCATION: West side BEST PHYSICAL FEATURE/S: smile (tho I don't smile much) WORST PHYSICAL FEATURE/S: small bump behind my ear BEST CHARACTER FEATURE/S: easy-going/confidence/loyalty/giving nature WORST CHARACTER FEATURE/S: nonchalaunt/antisocial(sometimes) DREAM/S: take care of my whole family WORST FEAR/S: jail/diein slow/STDs WEAKNESS: crablegs,doritos,kids,big asses,sexy eyes,sexy lips,dimples,cute toes,vikki secrets love spell,that thing a woman legs do when she lock her knees PET PEEVES: black zombies,racists,biggots,stereotypes,child abusers,pedophiles,woman beaters,rapists,blatant ignorance ANNOYING HABIT/S: ? THIS YEAR I WANT: 2 hit a sweet lick,get a better job or both BEDTIME: between12am n 5am FIRST THOUGHT WAKING UP: damn this morning wood! FAV.COLOR/S: black/blue/gray/white FAV. FOOD/S: seafood FAV. BEVERAGE/S: Pom,Amped,Arizona Rocket Fuel,good ol' H2O FAV. SONG/S: "trouble man"-Marvin Gaye/"simply beautiful"-Al Green/"every day(I dream)"-Isley Bros."no more trouble"-Bob marley FAV. MOVIE/S: scarface/forrest gump FAV. SHOW/S: news/anything educational/sanford n son/goodtimes/cosby show/fightclub FAV. BOOK/S: Bible FAV. SPORT/S: football... "DAAA BEARS!" FAV. CELEBRITY/CELEBRITIES: 2 many FAV. SHOES: don't have 1... probly KSWISS FAV. OUTFIT/S: jeans n a polo FAV. UNDERWEAR: boxers FAV. PLACE/S: Chitown/East St Louis FAV. CAR/S: Caddillacs <"DO YOU OR DON'T YOU"> SMOKE: unfortunately "SMOKE": not until I get a good job(420) DRINK: occasionally BELIEVE IN GOD: of course BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: u damn right BELIEVE IN OTHERS: more than I should BELIEVE IN LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: yes WANT TO GO TO COLLEGE/WHERE?: yep... probly back 2 Malcolm X College WANT TO GET MARRIED/WHEN?: 1 day WANT TO HAVE KIDS/HOW MANY?: yep, at least 2 more HAVE TATTOOS/HOW MANY?: 4 HAVE PEIRCINGS/HOW MANY?: none(had 3) PLAY AN INSTRAMENT/WHICH ONE?: nope... wanna learn piano tho SING: used 2 DANCE: slowdance PLAY SPORTS/WHICH ONE?: nope, work out tho... LIKE POETRY: yep WRITE POETRY: yep LIKE THUNDERSTORMS: cuddle time... SEX SURVEY Do you like it rough or sensual?: sensual Do you prefer to be with the opposite sex or the same sex? or both?: opposite... no homo How often do you like to have sex?: as often as possible Is sex a top priority for you?: nah Do you have sex face to face with your partner?: yep How often do you get drunk and have wild, crazy sexy with a complete stranger?: never How do you feel about one night stands?: I prefer every night lays How many one night stands have you had?: wouldn't remember if I did What's your favorite position?: ride me baby Where's your favorite place to have sex?: ? Do you prefer to make love or f*uck?: luv baby Have you ever watched porn while having sex?: yep How long do you usually fore-play b4 doing the deed?: at LEAST 20 mins Do you get off first or do they?: ladies first Do you like kissing during sex?: yep Do you moan? If so, are you loud or quite?: quiet Do you prefer your partner to be loud or quite?: not 2 loud Does size matter (for girlz-- dicks/for guyz-- boobs)?: I like a handfull, not 2 big How old were you when you lost your virginity?: 16 How many sexual partners have you have in the last month?: none What does your favorite fore-play include?: oral Do you ever play with yourself during the act?: nope Do you prefer to sleep with randoms or one person?: just 1 Have you ever done anal? If so, did you like it?: yep.... yep When and where was your wildest sex ever?: damn.... nozy What's your ultimate sexual fantasy?: 2 or 3 bi chicks(guy thing) Have you ever done porn?: lol! 4 me 2 know... Have you ever have sex for money?: see last question Have you ever bribed someone to sleep with you?: fuc I look like? Is the sex still good when your cheating?: can be During sex... what are you thinking about?: what Im doin Do you prefer the top or the bottom at first?: top How many positions do you like to do during one episode?: at least 2 Do you ever worry about how your pleasing your partner?: always Could you live without sex?: not in sum form How often do you find sex boring?: If I care about her, never How long does a typical sexual episode last for you?: how long u got? Do you like to perform oral sex?: I could eat a peach 4 hours... Do you like to recieve oral sex?: suck me, beautiful!!!! Have you ever taped yourself in the act?: nope Have you ever had a 3-some? 4-some? 5-some?: long time ago Have you ever had interracial sex?: yep Have you ever been caught in the act? If so, by whom?: mom Have you ever had sex while at work?: nope...no quickies Have you ever had sex while at school?: see last question What is something that you would never consider doing?: gay shit... period. Have you ever had sex on drugs?: weed Would you ever have sex in public?: yep What's your biggest turn on?: her takin control Do you spit or swallow?: ? How many times have you gotten off in one night?: 4 Would you let other people watch you have sex live?: depends Have you have ever sex in front of your best friend?: yep Have you ever had sex with your best friend's b/f or g/f?: not exactly Do you ever have sex in the shower?: yep What's the weirdest place you've ever done it?: there u go again... nu nu What was the biggest age difference with a partner?: bout 10 years Do you feel your up to par in bed?: u know it!!!! Are you still gonna have sex when your 70?: u know it!! What was your most embarrassing sexual moments?: no shame How old is "too young" to have sex your in opinion?: 13 Do you like to be completely naked or half-assed?: bucket naket Have you ever done it at your grandparent's?: yep Have you ever done it on a boat/yacht?: nope What's the most public place that you can think of that you've had sex at?: beach Do you like having sex in cars? If so, driver seat, passenger, or back?: back Do you were protection as often as you should?: hate it, but yeah Has any of your one night stands resulted in a child that you know of?: hope not If your over 18, have you ever had sex with someone under 18?: when I was 19 Do you prefer to sleep with someone older or younger than you?: whatever, just be sexy What's the perfect size? (for girlz-- inches in dicks/for guyz-- cup size)?: c Have you ever done bondage sex (chains,whips,etc.)? If not, would you?: nope... maybe Have you ever slept with someone out of pity?: yep... never again Can you remember who gave you the best sex of your life?: the baby mizzle If you could sleep with ANYONE, would would it be?: Jessica Alba

43 Year Old · Male · From Chicago, IL · Joined on September 10, 2006 · Born on January 2nd · 2 referrals joined!
MUSIC, SPORTS, SEX, DRUGS, VIOLENCE, U KNOW, THE USUAL GUY STUFF... ALSO POLITICS, RELIGION, FOREGN CULTURE AND ANYTHING ELSE INFORMATIVE AND/OR POSITIVE. What FF7: Advent Children Character Are You? Hosted by theOtaku.com: Anime. Done right. "If you talkin' bout money baby, now we talkin'." (Weezy Baby) CLICK HERE TO ADD 420 TIMES MAGAZINE GOIN 4 THE GOLD
Tyrese Signs Of Love Makin MY MYSPACE MUSIC PAGE: www.myspace.com/20tolifechitown Free Myspace CodesFree Myspace CodesHip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Rock, some Pop and Classical.Free Myspace CodesFree Myspace Codes
Action/Dramas: Scarface, Godfather GoodfellasFree Myspace Codes, Casino, King of New York, Carlito's Way, Long Kiss Goodnight, Menace, Juice, Boyz in da Hood, Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, Swordfish, BraveheartFree Myspace Codes and anything starring Denzel Washington. Comedies: Half Baked, Friday, Bad Santa, Don't be a Menace and a million more I can't think of now.
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    First, I want you to know that you are amazing, and I love you to death. If I don't get this back, I understand. But I have a game for you. Once you read this letter, you must send it to 14 people that you really care about, including the person that sent it to you. If you receive at least 7 back, then you are loved. Nobody knows what they have until they loose it. You never leave the person whom you love for the one you like, because that person who you like will leave you for the person whom they love. Tonight, right at 12:00am, your true love it is going to realize that they LOVE you! Then something is going to happen to you between 1:00 and 2:00 a.m. Tomorrow, be ready for the greatest shock of your life. If you break this chain, you are going to have bad luck in love for the next year of your life. Send this to 15 people in 15 minutes. Do it if you wanna know who your real friends are.

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