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54 Year Old · Male · From Massena, IA · Joined on April 30, 2006 · Born on April 5th
54 Year Old · Male · From Massena, IA · Joined on April 30, 2006 · Born on April 5th

What I am not: Hot, Rich, Shallow, Concerned with societies view of me, Concerned with how your friends view me, Stupid, Selfish, Narcistic, Thin, On any prescription drugs, A door mat, A druggy, An alcoholic, Ignorant What I am: Sweet, Intelligent, sensual, open minded, affectionate, single, a daddy, quick learner, a great friend, eager to please, funny, dorky, geeky, nerdy, patient, energetic, playful, and faithful What I can do: Cook, clean, read, write, learn, massage, worship, stay faithful, be 100% honest, dance, listen, make you smile, love unconditionally, see the good through the bad, be there for you through the good, bad, ugly and anything in-between I am the type of guy that can say, "Sex can wait."...that's said, "You're beautiful."...that is never too busy to drive across town to see you...that gives flowers and a card when you are sick...who has given flowers just because...would die for you...that will hold hands with you...that kisses you with meaning...that hugs you for no reason at all...who would give my jacket up...that calls to make sure you got home safe...that would sit and wait for you for hours just to be able to see you for ten minutes...that would give his seat up...that just wants to cuddle...that reassures you that you are beautiful no matter what...who tell my secrets to you...that tries to show how much I cared through every word and every breath...that thought maybe this could be the one...that believes in your dreams...that will do anything so you can achieve them...that never laughed at you when you tell me your dreams...that will walk you to your car...that wasn't just trying to get laid!!!!!

54 Year Old · Male · From Massena, IA · Joined on April 30, 2006 · Born on April 5th

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