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53 Year Old · Male · From Oklahoma City, OK · Invited by: MIA · Joined on July 5, 2008 · Relationship status: Single · Born on April 5th
53 Year Old · Male · From Oklahoma City, OK · Invited by: MIA · Joined on July 5, 2008 · Relationship status: Single · Born on April 5th

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  • MIAYes
    WELCOME TO FUBAR!What you need to do is upload some pictures! The more pictures you have the more points!Until you are a level (1), all you can do is rate profiles and pictures.So right now, upload pictures. Then what you can do is rate people's profiles and do friend requests. You ONLY rate people 10 (or 11 if VIP). NEVER rate any profile or picture under a 10.To view people's pictures, you click on their profile picture. It will take you to their folders. I have some folders that people can't see unless they are my friend. So you need to be sure to rate the profile and send a friend request.When you become level (1), you need to rate the profiles, FAN them, and send a friend request. Some people will not accept friend requests unless you say something in the friend request so keep that in mind.

    15 years ago · Reply
  • MIAYes
    Some people do not accept friend requests unless you have a salute photo. A salute photo is a picture of you holding a piece of paper with your fubar name and id number on it. You upload it then hit the box that says .. submit as salute. Fubar will check it out. If they approve it ... it cannot be typed ... it will indicate on your profile. You really only need one salute photo. This is what a salute photo looks like:Rate pictures and leave some comments here and there. People like to read comments.When you rate people's pictures and profiles, and especially fan them, it gives them points and you points. You can crush someone .. only one at a time, so feel free to crush me! lol You can buy people drinks and give them hugs and such with your fubucks. You get fubucks every time you get points.An easy way to get points really quickly and quite a few friends is to click on the people that are scrolling overhead. When you scroll it means you are online and will accept your friend request and fan and rate you back. Some people ... like me ... show online when they are at work and such. But, they will return the love.This should keep you busy for a while. Hit me up with any questions!!! HAVE FUN!!!

    15 years ago · Reply
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