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39 Year Old · Male · From Wayzata, MN · Joined on April 19, 2006 · Born on November 14th
39 Year Old · Male · From Wayzata, MN · Joined on April 19, 2006 · Born on November 14th

Hey Welcome, For the ladies Alright so you clicked on me so you might be a little interested, right about now your thinking to yourself what does this guy have to offer? Well let me tell you I have a variety of qualities ranging from Building cool forts out of blankets, I can add any 2 numbers 1-10 in like 3-5 seconds, I can tie my shoes blindfolded, and most importantly I make the best damn bowl of cereal out there. There is so much more but I don't like to brag, Now your probably wondering where I grew up. Well after a freak car accident when I was 1, I was sent off to an orphanage. Years later I escaped and put myself through school to become a doctor. It turns out you need to be smart to be a doctor, you also need to be able to tolerate blood. I have neither of those qualities. After passing out in my own puke for attempting to stitch up someone I decided I would try out for the NBA. Well it turns out you need to be 7'0" tall and black to play in the NBA so I gave up on that too. After a long period of selling myself for money and doing crack I decided I would straighten up. I went to my local Army recruiter and signed up. I tired to sign up for crack whore but all they had was infantry. So here I am today, sitting in kuwait and I've been crack free for almost 2 years now. For the guys Hey, If you know me cool, you wanna be my friend great! heres something you might wanna know: I don't play for both teams I stick with one side and thats where I'm at, I won't even look into your dugout you have nothing to offer, in fact after the game I won't even come out on the field and shake your hand. So lets keep it simple we can talk about drinking, and football. Please don't talk to me about which sweater vest looks better, which hair gel has a better hold, or which shampoo exfoliates better cause i don't know and i don't care. In fact I don't even know what the hell exfoliate means did I even spell it right? i don't know. Alright good talk.

39 Year Old · Male · From Wayzata, MN · Joined on April 19, 2006 · Born on November 14th
Rock Climbing, hoops

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