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38 Year Old · Male · Joined on April 10, 2006 · Born on July 18th
38 Year Old · Male · Joined on April 10, 2006 · Born on July 18th

I have been described as, "Big ALL over." I am 6'6 about 280, and I have a 56" shoulder width. I am kind of a gentle giant, but don't let that fool you, I can be a real hard ass when nessecary. I am a full time doorman and a full time student, so I need a girl in the city, otherwise, it usually doesn't work. I don't have a lot of free time, and I don't keep my car in the city very often, so a city girl is what I need. I am a very laid back person and that is what I want a girl that is laid back, not too into the party scene. I am smart, and I can't be with a stupid girl, they annoy the hell out of me. Anyway, I think that is pretty much it. Hit me up if you are interested.

38 Year Old · Male · Joined on April 10, 2006 · Born on July 18th
I am going to school full time for advertising art direction. i am nopt really sure what that is supposed to mean, but I do know that I am really interested in doing art for the rest of my life and getting paid well to do it. I also am interested in having fun, but I am a little bit of a redneck, so that may mean something different to you. I like to hang out with a few people around a bond fire or in a kinda quiet bar and have a few drinks. I like to read, watch movies and am not a hugely social person. I know this sounds kinda gay, but I love to just snuggle... and usually that leads to more than that, but I like doing that too. Sex is my all time favorite past time, and I have to say that I am pretty good at it. Don't believe me? Let me prove it to you.
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My all time favorite comedy movie is spaceballs. I can recite that movie from begining to end. I also like The Replacements, a Knight's Tale, The Fast and The Furious, and The Chronicles of Riddick.
My only Idol is Superman. I know it sounds childinsh, but whatever, there are no real people to admire anymore.

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