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57 Year Old · Male · Joined on April 1, 2006 · Born on April 13th
57 Year Old · Male · Joined on April 1, 2006 · Born on April 13th

I'm a vocalist, lyricist, published writer, well-travelled , College Graduate who at 40 years old is still single, I'm guessing because I'm holding onto my youth or my continued "young 20's" attitude-which I interpret as refusing to give up the band I'm in... We have 8 CD's out, a contract for our ninth to be released this Fall to be followed by our third European tour and our 2nd across the states and into Canada. There's not a hell of a lot of money in it but it's free travel and creative satisfaction.... Then again I wonder if I remain in the band because I haven't found someone that would be happy to share my lifestyle with me or that can convince me that it would be worth it to bury the band once and for all and settle down with "the right person". Anyone who's serious about wanting to start a relationship based on friendship first and take it from there PLEASE get in touch with me! I'd be happy to semd you my email, more photos, chat by webcam, whatever makes us comfortable! I love a bratty sense of humor, a 'snotty with a smile' personality, in good shape, a woman who believes that honesty still matters, enjoys 1 on 1 sex, discreet um anything I guess, and especially a woman who's not a man posing as a woman with fake photos who's 'about me' information is designed only as cyber-foreplay until they rub themselves silly and shoot millions of Sperm-birds into the air whcih is actually kind of sad as they all die within seconds due to the lack of a warm wet inner slippery slide to protect and to nurture them until one day, with the right pair of people working together, a very special and very fortunate one successfully Rises to the occasion and makes an inner friend with another inner friend of the opposite sex, excitedly re-mate and, unless aborted into the toilet waters of their heaven, will see the grand light of day as either a hairy barking mutant, a limbless roller, a facially confused child whose eyes are where it's ears should be and vice versa, or just possibly a perfect little baby who won't grow up lighting defenseless animals on fire, develop an appetite for human flesh, or become a pedophile priest; no just a special little child who, if a girl should look remarkably like her mother(no girl should look like me unless she's muscular, gay and the dominant one in the bunch) or a young man with a circumsised willie and his dad's features (unless he's homosexual-then it probably be to his advantage to resemble his mother more. Or maybe, JUST MAYBE a crying little brat will come rolling out of the cleansing after-birth room swathed in a pink or blue blanket grasping tightly onto it's mother's forefinger with it's tiny litte fingers or onto it's father's pinkie with it's other three-fingered paw.... bringing tears to the parents who leave it on their neighbors doorstep just after midnight on a sub-zero winter's eve.

57 Year Old · Male · Joined on April 1, 2006 · Born on April 13th
When I'm not completely F*CKING Bored, I'm singing for a Punk Rock band, The Freeze. We've headlined a couple of tours of Europe and have a dozen or so CD's out. We're from the Boston area, well Cape Cod, and will be playing there in early May. We also have a live show at The Continental in NYC on Friday night, May 26th. Besides writing the Lyrics for the band, I'm also writing short stories for eventual publication, hopefully by a major publisher. I have a B.S. degree in Human Services (Counseling) and can't wait until Summer. Once Summer ends I'll be on my way back to Europe for a third tour. We don't make a shitload of money but the sights are free!
Video Games
I lost interest in playing Video games WAY back when ASTEROIDS first came out. MYST bored to shit out of me and DOOM etc, made me feel like I was losing an IQ point for each idiotic "creature" I destroyed as if it was a member of Al Queda.

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