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Female · From Long Beach, CA · Joined on March 4, 2008
Female · From Long Beach, CA · Joined on March 4, 2008

I'm a sucker for true love and the "me and you" against the world mentality. I'm a keeper of secrets. A golden girl with an evil twin. Smart Nerd. Cool Dork. Always in over my head. Won't tow the line. Won't back down. Learned to drink with the Irish. Laughs at Hippies. Makes no excuses for the way I carry on. I watch too much mind-numbing crap on T.V. I'm totally in love with my daughter Sasha. Sometimes I forget that I have a pretty good thing here, maybe I'll open a dive bar & book my favorite bands, or start a militia. I'm trying my best to learn The Laws of Deliberate Creation and the punkest thing I've ever done is take responsiblity for myself. Absolutely loving my warm little piece of the sidewalk in front of the new house. Keep on rockin in the free world (while we still have one).

Female · From Long Beach, CA · Joined on March 4, 2008
live music @ dive bars; motorcycles (American & British); motoX; snowboarding; tattoos - (the more the better!); rockabilly biker boys; riot grrls; UK punk rock; Hardcore Georgetown Punks; Early L.A. Punk Scene; Reading; movies; intellectual conversations; retarded conversations; thrift stores; Vintage PinUp Girls; Sailor Jerry; Stella Artois; road trips to weird places with weird people; camping; the river; sushi; taking photographs; documenting everything; listening to music; the sound of silence; dreaming; drinking coffee; eating ice cream; eating with my hands; manners; honesty; holding hands; kissing; problem solving; therapy; cuddling; respectful communication; crispy cookies; laughing; people with big vocabularies and aren't afraid to use them; people with really off-kilter brains; and most of all:
I love cheezy feel good shit. And that's coming from a old school punk!

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