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Thomas Cabernet Bloody Mary Coffin
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46 Year Old · Male · Owned by VANILLASTORM and is worth 2 coins. · Joined on April 15, 2020 · Born on September 3rd · 1 person has a crush on me!


I am left-handed, thus I think outside the box. I'm also a Virgo, which means not only have I made certain the dimensions of the box are perfectly symmetrical, but I have also arranged its contents into an organizational system that, to some, at first glance, may seem complex. Don't overthink it. Like much of what I devise, it is deceptively simple in nature.

If you're visiting because of a status, or a blast, it is my original work. All photos herein are my own. All rights reserved n such. Fans always welcomed. Enjoy your time on fu!


F U G A M E _ I make effort to return what others do for me. If it's a Like, a REKT or Bomb, et al., the points come back in some form. At this time, my friends and family are not in a particular order, but check them out and do all the fu-things.

B L I N G _ I am ALWAYS open to bling trades for power-ups, blind boxes, certain achievements, et al., especially on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. Inquire about coin-for-coin match trades. Sometimes I send random and spontaneous bling, not intended as a trade. I must be thanking you for something or perhaps playing the game. Members who deny me polish are disqualified from trades or receiving any bling gifts. **I DO NOT BLING AS A FORM OF FLIRTATION **

Y O U OWN M E _ I am always available to the highest bidder, but not for absentee landlord. I expect my owner to recognize w/ ability points and whatnot.

I OWN Y O U _ **TOP EARNERS WILL GET BLING. ** I own with coins and, yes, I own over coins. If I'm your owner, I pay attention and take notice. You'll get my drift. **I DO NOT OWN AS A FORM OF FLIRTATION **


46 Year Old · Male · Owned by VANILLASTORM and is worth 2 coins. · Joined on April 15, 2020 · Born on September 3rd · 1 person has a crush on me!

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    Wordpuppet Ty to everyone who bombed and rekt! ----- Drop in for a click n try for a wine
    2 hrs ago · Comment

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