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42 Year Old · Male · Joined on March 24, 2006 · Born on August 13th
42 Year Old · Male · Joined on March 24, 2006 · Born on August 13th

I'm not sure what i'm supposed to say about me...I have pictures so that says about all there is. I have detailed some interests so that'll help. Other than that, really I'm just a nice normal guy. I like to stay fairly fit for my sports, and am probably one of the funniest guys around. I love to keep people laughing, but can draw the line wherever I need to to keep people comfortable. That being said, I am beyong shy with cute girls, and have a real self complex...one day I'll be hot though...well maybe well known, but it all goes together :)

42 Year Old · Male · Joined on March 24, 2006 · Born on August 13th
As far as general interests go, I love to dirtbike, and will probably race sometime soon, I love streetbikes and plan on buying another one soon to race, anything that has to do with fast engines is pretty cool. I'm a machinist so the internals are fun to play with. Big bore is always the answer...but only when done right. Other than that, I like cabins in the mountains and hot tubs in the snow after a long day of snowboarding.

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Movies are great, favorites have to be Napolean Dynomite, wedding crashers (pretty well anything with Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, or Ben stiller), days of thunder is classic...and probably anything with Jenna Jameson.
I have a few idols...many are great people that have done great things. But related to my intrests, theres Ricky Carmichael(RC) known for his record shattering wins in motocross. Pascal Picotte from Quebec Canada, known for his great racing skills in the superbike race scene or motoGP(I hope to have my race bike soon)...other than that, probably every gyno out there that gets to pet kitty all day, hehe ;)

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