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Male · Joined on January 2, 2019
Male · Joined on January 2, 2019

Please don't friend request me unless I can see the real you and not a fake pic. I love to see peoples eyes. I'm a pretty down to earth kinda guy, I just lost my fiance a couple months ago. Am I looking for love? Idk, I want some friends and if something comes of it cool, if not I'm fine with that. I'm just trying to figure this whole game thing out, so be patient with me. If you send me drinks, I try to send back with a message, sometimes original, sometimes pre-made. Just cause you are beautiful doesn't mean I want you. Yes I look at your pics, but not in a creepy kinda way. And if you're beautiful, don't say ugly things, it'll make you ugly. I don't really have that sensor button that stops me from telling you how I feel. Unless you touch my soul deeply, then I get really shy. I do fall hard sometimes but I'll try and keep it too myself. I'm still in a mourning kind of way. I try not to bring my personal life on here cause I now understand that this is just a game site. If I say something that crosses the line, please let me know. If you wanna know me please ask but privately, cause this is just a game site, lol. But I'm usually wanting to chat, tried the lounges and they're kinda a joke. Plus I made a fool outta myself and got laughed at, so no more. And yes I know damn well ya'll ladies are out of my league.

Male · Joined on January 2, 2019
I can jam to most music but I'm a big country fan.

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  • Cooldude Not a single person knew I was gone, that's some real friendship
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