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40 Year Old · Male · Joined on March 9, 2006 · Born on October 5th
40 Year Old · Male · Joined on March 9, 2006 · Born on October 5th

I'm a student studying politics at Glasgow uni in Scotland. Not much to tell really, got my finals pretty soon- not looking forward to that. Currently trying to do loads of work in very little time. I like smoking cigarettes (no pot these days- gotta keep sharp!) and drinking plenty of alcohol.

40 Year Old · Male · Joined on March 9, 2006 · Born on October 5th
ac/dc, action movies, afro celt sound system, alien invasion, arguing, batman, battlefield, beavis & butthead, beer, being a total bastard, being alone, being dangerous, being right, boobies, books, brasseye, carl cox, chris morris, classic sci fi, comedy, complaining, crushing my enemies, dance, david bowie, defenders of the earth, drinking, eating, eating brains, eating dead things, family guy, farting, farts, flash gordon, football, george romero, getting mad, girls, horror, hr geiger, invader zim, jp, led zep, listening, lothar, mandrake, manic street preachers, manics, meeting people, mild porno, moaning, monkey butlers, music, my friends, nintendo, not having many interests, peep show, phillip k dick, pixies, politics, pondering, pot, pubs, recreational drugs, ren & stimpy, sam raimi, satire, sci-fi, sex, sleeping, smoking, southpark, spaced, spongebob- in mild doses, star trek, swearing, taking the piss, talking crap, techno, television, the day today, the force, the phantom, the simpsons, they live, thinking, thundercats, transformers, travelling, video games, whining, whisky, writing crap, x-files.

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