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36 Year Old · From Augusta, GA · Joined on July 26, 2006 · Born on August 16th

© the name is maree, but called me 'spicy' © © age-> unknown school-> unknown © © single not sure and loving it © all do is i can sayin bout me but if need to kno bout me then askin me!

36 Year Old · From Augusta, GA · Joined on July 26, 2006 · Born on August 16th
I would like to throw some message to sayin -- I like to playing basketball whole of my entire life. Look this, in case i dropped by few sentences are ugly, or hott, or cool, or beautiful, or a dork, or any label you want to throw at me. I really could give two shits. cause I know what i am. and for the most part if you're going to judge me like that you don't know me, and you have no right, and obviously you're opinion doesn't mean shit, I mean obviously the compliments/ insults are nice. and I eat them up, but I don't look too deeply into them. Also, fake people who label themselves as whatever they label themselves as annoy me, I'll talk to them, but for the most part won't take them seriously. By the way why should I telling you what's my interests are? Just asking me sometime
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who's the fawkin' care but at least if im w/ my love ones then gonna 2 watch movies fo sho

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