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42 Year Old · Male · Joined on March 2, 2006 · Born on January 5th
42 Year Old · Male · Joined on March 2, 2006 · Born on January 5th

Im a simple and easy person, I love getting away, I love nature, I like speed (fast cars) im fun spontanious and i like to something tottaly whacked. I am a good person but i also have a very dark side to me with a background to boot... I love to go out with my friends and get drunks and start talking irish and swearing everyone. I belonged to the Irish Mafia Syndicate, I have been doing Martial Arts since I was 7 years old, i love doing sports.

42 Year Old · Male · Joined on March 2, 2006 · Born on January 5th
Martial Arts, Sports Cars, Rock Climbing, Street Racing, Pool, Motor Cross, Partying, Ice Hokey, Scuba Diving, Music, Concerts, Drag Racing, Ninjitsu, Jijitsu, Akido, Kung Fu, Tai Chi
Blink 182, Prime Circle, Cindergray, Korn, Tweak, Linkin Park, Live, Metalica, Nirvana, DMX , Busta Rhymes, U2, Nickelback, System Of A Down, Oasis, ACDC, Pink Floyd, Incubus, Disturbed, Static X, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Eminem, Evanesence, Goo Goo Dols, Ingrid, Good Charlotte, Cypress Hill, Ludacris, N.E.R.D, Ramstein, 3 Doors Down, Staind, The Calling, Offspring, Guns & Roses, Green Day, Jimmy Eat World, Limb Bizkit, P.O.D, Papa Roach, Simple Plan, Sum 41, Rod Steward, Godsmack, Rob Zombie, Slipknot, Blood Hound Gang, five For Fighting, Jesse McCartney, Bob Marley! ( The Legend)
Boondock Saints, Batman Begins, Transporter 1 & 2, Balistic vs Ecks, Unleashed, South Park, Something Like Love, Cutting Edge, Blade 1,2 and Trinity, After The Sun, Law Of Attraction, James Bond 007, Hostage, Any Giving Sonday, Green Mile, Queen Of The Damned, Vampire's Diary, Mortal Kombat, Bed Of Roses, The Pacifier, Spec Ops, Scary Movie, IT, The Exorsist 1,3 The Exorsist Directors Cut, Chainsaw Massacre, Bone Collector, Behind Borders, Redline
Jet Lee, Bob Marley, My Irish Grandfather (Famous Quote... He We Bastard), Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Bruce Willis, Pierce Brosnan

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