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45 Year Old · Joined on July 21, 2006 · Born on September 4th · 21 referrals joined!

my name is debora w. i am 31 years old was born in irland i am irish i am a model .live in south carliona have a step sister her name is peaches she is 17.my favorite colors are blue, pink, purple. favorite food is italin favorite movie is tittanic ,favorite tv shows fresh prince and roseann, love the beach, i love to travel i model for a big compeny in arozina called yandys.we travel around the world. im into kinky sex with hand cuffs ,whips, blindfolds. i love being spanked.i love long romantic walks on the beach. im lookin for a man who is nice trust worthy ,and romantic. i go to the gym 3 times a week after my modeling. and i eat alot of salads i try to take care of my body. i am 5 ft 8 128 pnds.i love to play games in the bed room. i am honest stright forth tell u what i think ,dependable,i love to lay out at night and watch the stars.. i love romantic candlelight dinners with soft music playing in the background.i love children.dont have any.i love going danceing, horseback riding, partying swimming hope to one day move to the beach.i dont smoke drink sometimes im not a drunk ,love playing video games love sports.im just a fun loving person ,hard to make mad but when u do u better watch out....

45 Year Old · Joined on July 21, 2006 · Born on September 4th · 21 referrals joined!
ilove danceing, long walks on the beach, horseback riding,skiing, romanic candlelight dinners ,laying out at night and watching the stars ,swimming ,watching movies, playing video games,making friends ,traveling, modeling,listing to music.and talking on the coumpture. /www.blogadorn.com"> 0" alt="BlogAdorn.com" />
/www.blogadorn.com"> 0" alt="BlogAdorn.com" /> lt="BlogAdorn.com" /> Beautiful Soul (2)By Jesse McCartneyBestVideoCodes.com Sexy Love (2)By Ne-YoBestVideoCodes.com
/photobucket.com/" target="_blank">
/pinkslipsite.com" target="_blank">>
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[ LostCherry.com photo: 3640819937 ] Kinky/kinky00015.gif" alt="Pink Slip - Black Roses By: Lady Ember Blackened petals floating down, a shattered heart, the only sound shadows close, smothering a soul a final breath, the only goal. Fighting to die aching to live, what’s left of these lies a pain to forgive. An unrecognized figure in a darkened mirror words of beauty no one can hear. Hate beats down, crushing a spirit unfortunate death only flowers to hear it. An empty shell, all that remains surrounded by bloody black roses and eternal pain.

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