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33 Year Old · Male · From Albany, KY · Joined on February 20, 2006 · Born on October 5th

i'm 15, 6'1, i have brown hair and blue eyes. i hate people who try to be fake and act like some one else just to try to fit in be cause i know some poeple like that and they absolutely get on my nerves. and i hate the people they try to be like even more because most of the time their just drug heads and they turn smart kids in to druggies, and i find that very wrong but thats beside the point. if theres any thing else you need to know just ask, you can email me at tyler_savage_1090@hotmail.com, you can also add me on msn messenger at that same address too. i'm also on tagged and hi5 too if you want to add me on those.... on msn messenger i usually appear offline because i usually don't want to talk .... but dont take it presonal......

33 Year Old · Male · From Albany, KY · Joined on February 20, 2006 · Born on October 5th
weezer, blink182, greenday,slipknot,MCR,HIM,coheed and cambria,marilyn manson,hollywood undead,red hot chili peppers,switchfoot,cold play, bloc party,AFI,36 mafia,motion city soundtrack,rancid and nofx, breaking benjamin, linkin park,hawthorne heights, 50 cent,shinedown,audioslave,the killers,the clash,d4l,good charlotte,kanye west,the all american rejects,relient k,blink 182, the offspring, papa roach,T.I.,ying yang twins,staind,lisa loeb, Panic!at the dicso, nonpoint, chris brown,soil and many others

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