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Big Bang challenge??? Well i have to say this one really sucks out of a lot of them. Bang 100 well that is one of the stupidest things i have had to do on here so far {i am sure there is more though} Its not a hard thing to do but when you rate the profile, and the 10 pictures well that is not so hard. But the crappy thing about it is the profile comment!!!!! If you have to wait for the owners approval of your comment and the owner does not do it then you do not get credted it for it. So i just loose all the time i wasted doing what i just did for nothing. Does that sound fair at all?? Hell no it does not. So i will be stuck on the same level for a very long time. So why do i even bother wasting my time  and effort for something that does not work for me. What a freaking joke it is. So i will be on level 69 for a while. Like i said it is one of the stupidest things so far. Have a good day. Oh yes i forgot to add this as well. What good is running a big bang if some people are not alloweed to leave a comment on the profile, Does not make any damn sense to me.

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