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Miss Stang's blog: "Life According To ~Stang"

created on 09/14/2006  |  http://fubar.com/life-according-to-stang/b945  |  3 followers
Okay, I'm only going to address this for ONE day, I'm not going to let it consume my time nor my energy.... Apparently Johnnydevil is all butthurt about not being "red" or in the top ten so his supporters have started this bulletin.... GO LOOK THEN PLEASE COME BACK HERE Yawns...it seems Johnny may be having some trouble gathering his ratings on his own so he'd rather do so at my expense....so, here's what REALLY happened.... Let's start at the very beginning with "sportsmanship"...Johnny hit the top ten under a profile called Devils Plaything....you all remember "HER" right? Blonde, green shirt slightly pulled up?...Yeah...that was Johnny. So what he and his friends are trying to get you to believe is that's it's much more admirable to LIE and FAKE your way into the top 10 than to be yourself, work hard and make it on YOUR merit and with the help of your friends. Secondly.......I'll explain THIS: Talk about PARANOID....the Reality is that I had passed Johnny earlier in the evening. I got up, out of BED to bid on the spotlight. My shoutbox was just HOPPIN as my friends noticed I passed Johnny and would be red the next day. AFTER I got spotlight...I was telling my friends goodnight and it began to read like the end of a "Walton's" episode....so in all of my unthinking randomness.......I changed my status to "Goodnight Johnboy" and thought nothing of it. Far be it from me to think that the same person who attempted to "out" and call Wildcat fake in public would even be slightly moved by all of this. Apparently his skin is not as thick as he'd like for you to believe. I sent Johnny an "I'm sorry" card and explained my reference.....If I were going to rub something in Johnny's face, I'd not have "hinted" at it.....I would have done that shit outright.......it's just not me. Now...all that said....fella's check your friends list....he may be on it cause you added him as a female... I did nothing wrong on purpose....however, let's not for get...he INTENTIONALLY deceived you all and the site to get his top 10 slot....how is that more deserving?? GO TELL THEM WHAT YOU THINK IF YOU WANT So, there it is.......all beyond that ..... is one sided...I don't have the time for people and their whiny ass butthurt games. **I'm not home atm but if I need to, I will post the actual screenshots..........** ------------------------------------------------- On 8/29/2007, hanginwithstang@fubar.com wrote: Absolutely.........no matter what you may hear.........I'm square. I run shit honest and thank you for being so gracious. I'm sure somewhere there is drama on he horizon........that's the nature of the sitebut I hope in the end.....you will take the time to know me......I'm really not all that bad On 8/29/2007, johnnydevil@fubar.com wrote: Exactly...couldnt've said it better myself :) Some people take it to extremes ya know?.. Wild.. On 8/29/2007, hanginwithstang@fubar.com wrote: Johnny, You and I both have a real life.......I know you're not all bad but you've had a lot going on...what I would like to think we both have is a mutual respect. It is what it is...........It's FUBAR On 8/29/2007, johnnydevil@fubar.com wrote: I'm not all bad, all the time...despite what people may think or say.. lol. It was inevitable anyways, I can't be around much anymore I have lots of real life stuff goin on and besides my porn star selection is gone..haha have a good one On 8/29/2007, hanginwithstang@fubar.com wrote: "Thank you for being such an awesome sport.....*bows*" Click here to return the favor! Click here to see this gift on your profile. ------------------------------------------------- On 8/30/2007, hanginwithstang@fubar.com wrote: Lmmfaoooooooooooo OMG!!!! ha ha ha ha noooooooo I was being silly.......the whole Walton's thing..........shit, I'm sooo sorry *blushes* On 8/30/2007, johnnydevil@fubar.com wrote: Congrats on spotlight! oh i did get this...haha it's cute...enjoy.
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