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First let me say how nice you all look today. Second... Who knew i have a Happy Hour tomorrow night at 7:00Pm PST? If you didn't, you do know. I want your 11's damnit. Lets be honest, i'm the only friend you have so i deserve them. :P Third, and reason for this blog. After my Happy Hour I am trimming my friends list way down. I'll keep people as fans though. If you leave me comments and visit every once in awhile, you'll stay on. This is more to do with all the alerts and bulletins i get from people i never see. I already know 100% of the people who read this blog will stay on, cause your my buddies. But if i'm ever asked why someone was taken off my list i'll have some backup to show them why. Hope everyone is having a good night. To make this a mumm.. Make up my mind. Does this my me a wiener? Photobucket Yes What's a Cubby

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