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created on 01/17/2008  |
In light of recent events that I have had to deal with in the wonderful land of Fubar drama, I feel I have to let it be known, that I dont care about your rank! I dont care about your level! I dont care about your so called ""status" on here! I dont care about any of that! I will not ever bow down to a higher ranking member on here, because of the fact they are a high ranking member! What the heck is that anyways? LMAO I am who I am and I will continue to do what I do. Soo...I have decided I dont need the higher members of this site to bother me at all. I dont need them to come to my shoutbox and threaten to get me kicked off, or tell me how their followers will do what he wants. I dont need any of it. I have always done my own thing here and will continue to do so. I never bothered anyone and will continue to do so. I love the friends that I have, and if this bothers some, then maybe they just done need to be my friend. I respect some people that are higher leveled and top members..but not all. Some dont deserve respect. With that being said, I will block if I hve to, and I will delete as well.. Hugs and kisses to all and to all a good day!! MUAH!
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