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My best friend had a heart attack at age 30!!!! YES HE IS ONLY 30 YEARS OLD!!! He woke up several times before it happened over the months, with his arms numb or they "fell asleep" and he'd have to shake them to get the feeling back!!! He has been a smoker since he was 17 years old. He used to smoke two packs a day and a year ago, cut down to half a pack to a pack a day. It doesn't matter how much you smoke people!!!! Smoking is going to kill you no matter what!!!!!!!!!!! Monday morning at 3am he called me on my cell phone. I NEVER sleep with my cell phone, but thankfully did that night!!!! He asked me to please come downstairs as soon as possible. I went downstairs and he was hunched over his bed. His arms had gone numb. He had no feeling in them, but could feel me touching them. He was cold and clammy. His mouth and arm were blue on and off. We went to the emergency room where he had to wait twenty minutes before a doctor could see him despite the fact he had chest pain. The doctor couldn't figure out what was wrong, but said because of the chest pain it was important that he stay. After that, we had to wait three hours before being admitted to the hospital so they could keep him for observation. Then it was another two hours before they did an EKG. The doctor ALMOST let him go thinking it could have simply been discomfort, until he looked at the EKG ONE last time. He noticed the line that SHOULD have gone straight dipped down a little!!!! He immediately ordered a CATH and it saved his life!!!!!!!!! Upon surgery, they found that his main artery was totally BLOCKED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They fixed it with a stent. He now has to make drastic changes to his life because he was so stressed out and "fixed it" by smoking. He also has to cut cheese and a lot of sodium out of his diet despite the fact he USUALLY ate healthy before it happened. He has to go to rehab three times a week, is on SEVEN different medications, and MUST quit smoking!!!! He will have to be monitored closely by doctors for the next year. You think you're invincible because you're young?!!?!!? You think death can't touch you?!!?!? You are so very wrong!!!! My point is, you have to be good to your body people!!!!!!! It's the only one you have!!!!! I am SOOOOO grateful I didn't lose my best friend!!!!! Don't you want the people in YOUR life to be grateful they still have you?!?!!? Make the changes necessary for good health TODAY!!!!!!! Tomorrow is never a promise for any of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE NOT INVINCIBLE!!!!!! Repost this if you want to. I want this to make a difference to you people! I want you to know how important it is to be good to your body!!!!! STOP SMOKING!!!!!

All My Love,
3G [GoofyGeekyGoddess] aka Meg

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