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If you are a Democrat or in today’s environment a “closet” Democrat


Let me give you a prime example of how you are being played for a fool.

The Democrat Party draws its power from the Federal Govt and the “gifts” it can hand out to current and future voters.


The Democrat Party has to use “fear” to keep you believing in them.


Fear the rich.


Fear Republicans.


Fear tax cuts.


I crack up to think how many people are fools for “fearing the rich!”.  If you are a real American, one of your desires SHOULD BE to become rich.  So the Demorats have you in fear of what you desire…  Duh!


I want to be rich.  I want my family to live a better life then I did.  I want them debt free.  I want to be rich, and I want them to be rich…  The beauty of America is before Obama, you had a pretty good chance to become rich with hard work… Now Obama is going to tax ALL your profits to keep you down.


Fear Republicans.  Duh!  Yeah, fear the people that are really trying to help you.  The people who try too teach you that if you become self-reliant and get off the nipple of the government, you will have more self-respect and enjoy your life far more.  Fear that group of people who are trying to get rid of racial policies that Democrats promote.  Fear the people who are trying to get the government from exterminating all the black children via abortion.  Suckers…


Fear tax cuts.  This is AWESOME how well Democrats have fooled there voters.  They have you fearing tax cuts because it “helps the rich!”.  See “I want to be rich” for starters.  Don’t you understand BASIC ECONOMICS?? Tax cuts put money back in OUR pockets.  Thus, technically we all become a lil richer AND a lil more free.  Then we can spend the extra money to buy things which just so happens SPURS THE ECONOMY.  Now you got these Clown Democrats lead by Oblahblahblah RAISING OUT TAXES TO KINGDOM COME, and guess what Obama is doing??




That is what good socialist do…  They want the government to own everything because then the SOCIALIST have all the power and we all become slaves to our government.


LEARN TO BE FREE MEN AND WOMEN!  Start this process by supporting the REAL party that wants to help you become both free and rich…




See how simple this is???


So simple LIBERALS and MOST Democrats will not understand it…


Also these simple lessons are not taught in school.  Why?  Because when people learn these lessons, the Democrats lose voters and we have to keep them in power so they can fly around in private jets and say how evil Rich Republicans are so you can keep being played for a fool…


I woke up, and I am guessing SOME OF YOU who read this have a chance still…



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