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"YOU SHOWED ME" BY: Keith Smeltzer

You showed me that perfect love 

a love that never have i felt

even before you was mine we was always so cute


You know that my feelings for you can never change

You showed me that no other girl has ever come close

You took me to a place of that can't be re done


I know that you will forever have my heart,

Even if I no longer have yours,

I wish that one day that gets returned


You showed me fellings that I never felt before,

You showed me a love that not a soul on earth could

You showed me more then even I can say


But I wish that I can change how this is now

It hurts right now not to be able to really love you

It hurts so much but its no ones doing


They showed me that there is a chance

They showed me that I need to have faith

I know that true love can take anything


I know that what we have is true love,

Saying that cause you showed me more of love then 

any girls combined can do, no one can replace u


You showed me the sides of me that I never seen,

You showed me more then love you showed me u care

You showed me that theres one person for everyone


But most of all you showed me that your that one for me,

You showed me all these things, hope that i showed some to u 


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