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MrChris's blog: "Yep"

created on 12/10/2007  |  http://fubar.com/yep/b166277
Well as you all know I haven't been around much lately....I am thinking about maybe canceling my account on here. I haven't wanted to be on much. If I do decide to cancel it I will write the people I wanna keep in touch with and give you either my MySpace or Yahoo name. Chris
Sorry I haven't been around much. But normally around this time of year I take a break from the internet, since I have been a teen December has always sucked for me. I have lost a few close family members around this time of year in the past. Also December 15th was the day me and my ex separated, don't get me wrong I am happy without her, just feel it should have waited until after xmas for the kids that year. So that's why I really haven't been around much. Also for those of you that have my number, sorry I am not ignoring you. My cell phone has been acting up lately and isn't working very good. I am taking it in today to get fix. Chris
Well I am just writing you all to let you know where I have been lately. I have mainly been working on school papers and getting ready for my finals this week, that's why I haven't been on much lately. But then I come back and see all this new crap and everyone crying over it. So I think I am gonna cut back on my time on here for a while, I will come on to check mail everyday and maybe say "hi" to a few of you....but that's it I think. Chris
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13 years ago
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