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I'm having major puter issues. So If I'm talkin to you and don't respond don't fucking wig out, it's because this bitch has froze up.
I have removed some family members nothing personal. Just trying to be a little more selective in who is viewing. Sorry.
Well after a year of house on market it has finally sold and folks have rolled out to Idaho this morning. For those who know me know that this is a VERY hard day for me. I live across the street from my parents and now I have to watch strangers move into a house I have all my childhood memories in. Its very hard cause I dont have any extended family and my parents and my niece are all Ive got. They are retired and have adopted my 5 yr old niece cause my sister is a fucking drug addict homeless begger. They want to have my niece in better school system and like what Idaho offers. I will be joining them in spring or summer time of 08. So if any of you live in the Couere D alane or spokane area hit me up, I will be needing some friends that way.
I just burned $50 on a fucking blast and it was edited and its fucked!! It read I don't wanna be your friend, I wanna f*ck you like I'm never gonna see you again. ~Kid Rock...and they changed t to read I dont wanna be ur friend....thats some fucked up shit..!!! I sent mess to them and hopefully I can change it cause 50 bucks is no chump change for a shitty blast!!!!!!
My Ed Norton pic just got marked NSFW by some stupid hater.....Im LIVID!!!! If it was u fuck right off u pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just got good news....I will be able to buy new puter here pretty soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Got some money comin in cause Im a dumbshit...I wont get into that but, im fuckin stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok contest has started..i dont know how to do all that fancy advertising that those other ppl do, so it might take effort on ur part..sorry :D! but go to my family and its in A TRUE SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN'S PIC files!!! xoxo Vicki
hi ppl im in a smile contest and could use everyones know other ppl are bomb whores.. so any help will be starts tonight 9/18 at midnight. thanks in advance :D
Hi who ever is reading this! I have never in my life done a blog, so here goes! I have been having computer problems If you have been trying to reach me Im sorry, Im very frustrated and believe I have to now go rob a bank and buy another puter!! The only way I am able to even stay online now is because I am at work. Which I am not supposed to be on these sites while at work (Im a rebel)!! So if you have left me some love and I have not returned that is the reason why. Love Vicki xoxo
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