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ItsJustMe's blog: "Yeah Ok"

created on 10/06/2006  |  http://fubar.com/yeah-ok/b10863
that I have my claning almost done! I cant seem to get myslef to hang the clothes up(lol) Almost I am almost done than I can relax! I still cant seem to get the kids Motivated yet! They wont get off the computer(lol) not that I am making them cause they are all getting along great at the moment! any who! Just felt like blogging nothing!
I sure dont wanna clean today! But I didnt do it yesterday so Imust do it today! You ever have a day where you just dont wanna do anything but sit at the computer! Well I am having a week like that! I make graphics so its hard for me to pull myself away from something I love doing to do something I sure dont wanna do! The kids are just as motivated as mommy(lol) Hope everyone has a great day and to who ever is reading my thought of the day here it is " i dont wanna do anything" thats one and the other is "I know its only 10:30 am her but isnt it bed time yet" Ha ha ok everyone remember Image Hosted by ImageShack.us and have a great day! Thanks for reading IJM
If you have added me cause you wanna be friends please leave me a note letting me know If you have added me cause you want to talk dirty to me or want to see dirty pics of me and that the only reason than I dont want you on my friends list let me know and i will delete you! Its deep cleaning time so get rid of me or let me get rid of you! Thanks! IJM
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