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RESCUE NEWS! We have had a rare opportunity to assist a local breeder by taking in their ferrets after their decision surrender them to a shelter. Tuesday, March 4th, we received 70 ferrets, the majority of which are in excellent condition. They are fat and healthy with their winter weight. They ALL have thick, gorgeous coats. There are 16 males and 54 females. Surprisingly, they are all socialized with other ferrets. A few of the females were scared and attempted to bite but I'm sure they will calm down quickly when the stress of the move to our shelter is forgotten. All the males were "love bugs" and gave us no trouble when we bathed them, cleaned/treated their ears, and trimmed their nails. The few ferrets that needed medical care were seen by our vet for ear mites, 2 females had vaginal infections, and one little girl that seemed very lethargic was sub-q'd and put on antibiotics. She's making a quick recovery. As with any breeding stock, we have several pregnant females. Now, before you get all excited and start thinking you want to take one of these ladies home, let me say right now that these "mother's to be" will be going to a foster home with previous breeding experience. That foster home has already been decided and the new mommies and kits will get excellent medical care. Also, no ferrets will leave our care without being spayed or neutered and complete vaccinations. Period. We are a rescue and do not condone private breeding. Thank you all for your understanding in this matter. Now, with that said, all of us at the rescue want to thank the following people, businesses and organizations for making this happen. PetSmart for agreeing to pay the vet bills for the spay/neuter of the 70 ferrets Rainbow World Exotics for donating 500 lbs of ferret food (ZuPreem and Mazuri) Petco and their employee's for donations of cages and supplies and their personal time volunteering during the surrender S.O.S. for donating the distemper vaccines Ferret Depot for their donation of crocks and water bottles Girl Scout Troop in Houston for making fleece blankies for EACH ferret Totally Ferret for their donation of ferret food Drs. Foster and Smith for their donation of testing tubes of ADV AND numerous individuals for volunteering their time, money and compassion to help with this surrender but ESPECIALLY Millie Sanders for opening her home and her heart to these little poop monsters


http://www.miamiferret.org/shelters.htm TRIBUTE TO SHELTERS AND RESCUES www.txferretrescue.org me: patrice@txferretrescue.org Okay, there was a petstore involved, not Petco, that discontinued their contract with Rainbow when they decided not to sell most types of animals in their stores. out of the 73 most of the ferrets are whole. Rainbow was very generous in working with us and delivering the ferrets to us. We have had the vet over already to take in any that needed immediate surgery for wound infections (just a few ferrets), to prioritize the ferrets by whom needs their spayed and neutering first based on many factors. She also gave all the Rabies, Microchips and general exams to half of the ferrets (came to our rescue to do it) and will do the other half in the next couple of days. Starting next week, we will be taking in 3 to 6 ferrets in per day to the vet for their surgeries. Dr. Dearixon of Vickery Place Animal Clinic is doing all this stuff for us for as much as a discount as she can (best deal from any vet). The bill is still climbing. We have had people making donations directly to the vet, mail to the PO Box and to PayPal on our website. We are getting a good amount of donations from ferret related businesses, but I am finding it hard to get donations from business that deal in the people world for things like: laundry detergent bleach fabric softener vinegar (to add to wash to help remove odor and for cleaning) sponges paper towels dish washing liquid rubber gloves TKO or Medina Orange Oil and of course labor volunteers. Getting emergency products from Wal-Mart and similiar companies for emergency supplies is difficult, they dont seem to have a proceedure for emergency animal rescue; just emergency people rescue. Anyway, if someone wants to make a donation directly to us or to the Vet themselves here are the addresses, or they can go to the website and give a donation by PayPal: Texas Ferret Lovers Rescue PO BOX 800503 Balch Springs, TX 75150 Vickery Place Animal Clinic 2720 N Henderson Ave Dallas, TX 75206 214-252-0800 You can call them to credit the \"Rainbow Ferret\" account for Texas Ferret Lovers Rescue by credit card. and finally...here is the link to see ALL of the fuzz-butts and our efforts: http://s236.photobucket.com/albums/ff149/milliesa2003/A%20Rainbow%20Ferret/
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