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DJFunSized's blog: "what ever man!"

created on 01/09/2012  |  http://fubar.com/what-ever-man/b345827

Some times i just really dont understand men. One minute there alright and chatting with you the next minute you want to break there jaw with a baseball bat... Wheres the happy medium?? It just really bothers me when im trying to have a convorsation and im being almost like ignored because he rather play some dumb video game. The thing is Im not against video games at all just the sheer fact that i dont live close so when im being spoken too id like to be payed attention to is all! Is that to much to ask? Jesus fuckin christ ... i just needed to vent and as sad as it is on here wasnt such a bad idea.. just Hope that i dont have anymore like this.


xoxox the pissed off bitch!

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