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Dig deep my soul to find the heart... Let the tears drop like rain, let the rain be tears of thunderous songs, more sound then water, for it wails in unashamed pourings. Songs are everywhere, in the rain,in the wind, and in the moan of the bending trees. Fear won't come here, the fear is gone like youth itself all of that anguish I felt,is gone from memory. I am not with you. I can not answer questions of time,place, pain,blood,sanity,or of numbers that need counting.I am safe,locked up inside my daze,awaiting like prisoners do,for final days. I know of a better place. I had to only close my eyes, and the room would spin,dropping away from me But then,there was that painful wander, what is real and not the dream. Get behind me! All torment! I will not relive the accusations.. not even in my head. Or was that too only a dream in life where dreams and reality woven themselves so close together,that one triumphed over the other. What can I say? What do I know,when I know nothing. If only I would wake from these states of oblivion with some certain sence that there was no mystery to life at all,and all along it was all just an illusion. I didn't care. It is such a divine emptiness that follows the desertion of fear;a lovely burst of complete indifference. In this soft rainy realm where water sings as it falls from darkening leaves.The earth expands outward to a never land,and I become everything I could not be,it all takes form for me here. Are you so certain that I know not of insanity or that insanity has not touched me here.
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