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For you I would do anything Just to show you my love Walk through fire to be with you Thinking of you my heart Wants to shrivel up and die You are like a succubus Draining me with every breath you take Grabbing you tight wanting so badly To hold you forever never letting go My angel is what you are Your love so precious to me Looking into your deep eyes All I can do is cry Felling tied to you with biting chains Blisters on my soul a constant reminder No matter how hard I try Words cannot express my devotion Being the center of my world Every emotion I feel revolves around you Laying close at night Smothering you would be so easy How you have suffocated me with lies With you gone, so shall the pain Remembering my trembling hands Reaching towards you for the first time Beauty that could not be compared Your radiance surrounds me always Being with you has feelings of Shame course through my veins Dead I feel every time I touch you Your stranglehold coming quickly to an end For you will very soon be Basking in the joys of love Completing me as I've never been before Always hold true for better or worse
Here I lay Shattered on the ground Pieces of my soul Scattered like an endless puzzle Picking myself up One piece at a time Watching as another falls away Jagged edges of my life Not fitting together right If only I had a picture Showing the path I should take Hands bleeding immensely Working so hard to hold the pieces Crumbling into smaller ones Slipping through my fingers Tear forms in my eye The only piece thats whole Splattering on the rough ground Where I stay For everyone to see Poor and broken Pieces of me.
Mirror images Staring far inside Eyes piercing Deep to the soul Fire burns Close to the heart Turning to ash Forever lost Waking from a sleep To an endless nightmare Tears flooding in Everything washed away Emotions broken Manual lost Love the killer Kill the cross Hands shaking Trembling out of control Pills not working All just a big joke Notes of suicide Letters of love Its all the same Inner child sleeping Forever eyes closed Demons inside Waking one last time
Nail scratches Bite marks Only sign you were mine For that one night Hell broke loose Swallowing us up Into a sinful embrace Joined together In flesh Sweat, and passion Screams our orchestra Bodies our instrument Playing out lust In each others arms Pleasure doubled with pain Bodies tremble Flesh chills Release comes Thunderous screams Deafening the senses Only to wake Absent you are A devil maybe Perhaps an angel Seductive for sure Wanting I can't shake Only reminders left Nail scratches And bite marks


Beneath your beautiful body Off come the inhibitions Not wanting to stop Never wanting to let go Inside you take me Every sensation intense Joy rushes through Ecstacy peaks Aphrodisiac you are No end in sight Knotted in lust Always becoming one Reeling from orgasm Repeating it all again
Sitting alone Face buried in my hands Screams echo through my head However, nothing escapes my lips Loneliness creeps into my heart Longing trembles down my arms Hands cut and raw From reaching towards my dreams Doubt gives me advice Sarcasm listens to my pain If it all is to be a dream, A nightmare would be much the same Feet sore and bruised From the uneven road I've walked Desperately trying to get to my destination Only to find it doesn't exist So here I sit with my true friends As they watch me drown and choke On the unshed tears that I hold inside.
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