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Alot has been going on in my life.. in real life.  Been busy alot just doing stuff around the house...and working more. Anyways.. been feeling kinda down lately with work.  Just kinda depressing to see these drug addicts coming in to get there drugs..and not being able to tell them what ya really think. LOL. I sometimes think.. to bad it cant be like on television where you can just tell them how you feel.

Also found out my gyno Dr has retired.  Hes 70..but a young 70.  I found out from his daughternlaw who works with me..that they found out he has stage 4.. melanoma cancer..and its pretty much throughout his body. She said he never even had a spot on him to give him a clue. Anyways..this has me down some to.  When you have worked at a place so long..get to know your coworkers..etc.. real good..its sad when something like this happens.

Anyways.. just down in dumps some.  I have also been considering deleting fu.  If not for couple people on here..I would have already.

It has changed so much over these few yrs I been here.  It also sux to have friends u think are good friends move o and completely forget that your alive.   Anyways.. just venting..

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