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Miss Stang's blog: "Life According To ~Stang"

created on 09/14/2006  |  http://fubar.com/life-according-to-stang/b945  |  3 followers
A few weeks ago, we posted...and posted...and posted...about a guy who was using women's emotions to try and reach the top 100...Mr 2bad...link removed...just remember the face. tobad4u1992

@ CherryTAP Well since then, I have gone back to my corner when I received a note in my inbox that said: "Hey girl, I remember seeing postings about ol boy who f'd up with you, well he is messin with a friend of mine, she wont listen to me, he has her completely snowed. Girl this lady is a nurse in the burn center at (taken out) hospital. I was hoping you would tell her what went on, If you could help me out with this I would appreciate it here is her link " (link omitted of course) So, I dropped her a note....I didn't tell anything, I just told her that she might want to check around about this guy and if she wanted to know the deal...get back to me. I left it up to HER to decide if she wanted the information. Well she did, so we spoke in yahoo and yup, he was playing her too. I sent her copies of the information that I had and we even had a yahoo conference with someone else he had tried to play and another woman he was trying to play NOW. So, we had 2 exes and 2 recent in this chat. He's soo damn dumb. Notes were exchanged and this is what we came up with....he uses the following lines: 1. Stang's just pissed b/c I could not love her the way I wanted her to (pukes...LOL) 2. CT is a game to me.....you're real 3. I Love you 4. I am the luckiest man to have you in my life. 5. I would delete my CT account before I let this get between us. 6. All those other girls are just "friends" (or in come cases "stalkers".... 7. YOU are the only one who has my phone number. (THAT was mad funny when all 4 of us dropped both of his numbers in yahoo....lmmfaooooo) 8. My son thinks you're pretty he says "dad, stop hitting on my girlfriend". (yeah, this sick fuck uses his kids too) 9. YOU would be a great mom, I didn't want more kids but would have them with you. 10. YOU are the "one"...I don't just tell everyone I love them. 11. I wish you would get to know me before you judge me. 12. I'm disappointed if you believe "them" and not me. 13. I thought you were different Upon further information sharing....we got the truth to the following lies...... His female roomate...is his ex wife. He DOES have a myspace account and he loves his friends there as well...... He tells BBW's that he loves them and thinks they are beautiful (and for the record...they are) and that his ex-wife is a bbw...well, the women he has tried to "claim" or meet range in size from 2 to a 10...his ex-wife was thin when they got married. He plays on what he perceives as being low self esteem. We counted...there are at least 12 women on this site that he has "claimed to love" and has or have had some relationship with. One girl even delted her CT account because he told her he "wanted to keep her away from the drama". Come to find out, he didn't want her to see that he was still playing games with other women. Ladies...I can only tell you this. Every woman wants to be the one to "change a player" but as the song says, "you can't change a ho into a housewife". The information is out there and the proof is to if you just ask for it....oh yeah...yahoo archives and text messages were SAVED!!!! If you get sucked in to this madness...it's your own fault now. Use your crushes for those who really deserve them and someone who will love or like you back. You deserve that. His ass has been busted in yahoo conference as well as via phone and the sad thing is...he blames the women. He thinks we're all crazy...*sigh* From now on, if you get sucked into this......it's your own fault....be strong now or cry later. This guy is really hurting women for no reason and it sucks ass. See......it's NOT all me...ha ha ha ha
**Update! 7/9/07 - I hope someone else can believe this b/c I can't. It appears that one of the ladies that this fool played was involved in a car accident over the weekend. This assclown had the NERVE to yahoo two of the women who came forward and tell them that THEY needed to stop b/c girl #1's accident was OUR fault!!!!!! FFS!!!! HOW DARE HE TRY TO BLAME US!!!....I hope he remember this saying always..."If you don't DO shit...there will never be shit to tell". He betta take that bullshit out of his mouth and get right. Of course, I did my homework, she fell asleep at the wheel. I have spoken with her on yahoo before, she's a sweet girl and I wish her the best. 7-15-07 - Well...it appears that Mr. Playah himself is going to settle down with ONE woman...lol. I wish them the best of luck but wanted to make this known. One of their profiles says that "They tried to ruin us..."...blah blah blah......I suggest that she check herself....we exposed Mr ToBad4u before she even joined the site. She needs to get lie tight and get her mind right before she goes there.... All of her "once there" girls have been blocked and they are all cool with it, she just needs to know if by any unfortunate situation that this does not work out for her........we're blocked..ha ha..... Good luck to them both CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ORIGINAL BULLETIN THAT WAS POSTED ABOUT THIS GUY....OH AND STOP GIVING HIM POINTS, HE THINKS WE ARE MAKING HIM MORE POPULAR...LOL or READ WHAT THIS HOTTIE HAS TO SAY ABOUT HIM...SHE BLOGGED HIS ASS TOO
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