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     Four am and after communicating in prayer to the 'Great Spirit' I have been lead to write this blog howl! I was raised by a Nazarene Minister and a school teacher and that 'helping others' enviroment shaped me in many ways to be the 'wolf' I am. About a year ago I met someone through Yahoo Personals that was a school teacher in a 3rd world country. She was working 5 hour days 5 days a week making $50 a month. Also she attended the local university there part time.  Poverty,diseases,short life spans of approx. 47 years of age,bandits,villages with no electricity, cities with sometimes electricity.scams,hospital where you have to pay before you are treated,ect. were conditions in this country all too familiar to her. I established a friendship with her and found her to be honest,intelligent,educated in many areas as she spoke 3 languages,needy,warm,great sense of humor,and a 'people person' who liked to help others. She was originally from Australia and lost both her parents and ended up with her grandmother in Ghana,Africa. Yes her father used to ride a Harley in Australia when she was very young howl! I have assisted her financially very minimally really but I did send her money for a video cam and we both enjoy chatting and seeing each other lots during our week. I am quite a bit older than she is so I have tried to down play her emotions towards me smiles! Kinda hard to do for this wolf a lot of the times due to where she is of course and the many needs she has living there. Recently I helped her get a passport that is good for 10 years for only $150 USD. Today she has an appointment at the US Embassy there to submit her application for a visa to come to the United States of America howl! I have offered my assistance and home here for her to come and go to school. I have a nice home here called the Flying H Ranch and a spare bedroom I am not using at this time. My reason for writing this blog is to ask any of you in Fuberland if you would like to help this women come here and study and possibly become a citizen. Many of you have known me for years on this site and I thought you would like to help me financially with getting a person a 'new start' in a better country and environment howl! I think I will create a non for profit orginization so donations can be written off of ones taxes. I could call it the Bright Larbi Group For American Citizenship! Ticket prices here to my home near Buffalo, NY run anywhere from $1200-$2,000 plus she will have school and living exspenses of course. All donations would be confedential to me personally and I could accept personal checks, US postal money orders, cash, or a Wal Mart Money Gram. I can be contacted via phone at 585-219-4114 or Doug Holstein POB 732 Batavia, New York 14020 or by my Yahoo e=mail which is codywhitefeathers@yahoo.com. Pray about this matter please I have put forth to you and do as God directs howl! I will post pictures of Bright and her Ghana Passport. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Hugs n Howls Steppinwolf

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