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Jason C's blog: "Wolf's"

created on 12/01/2006  |  http://fubar.com/wolf-s/b30134

You're Awesome

I wanted to do a quick entry here to say thanks to the fubarians that helped me get to 26...You guys rock :)
My blast said to smash the like button and i would smash yours, chances are i missed some people so my appologies for those that i did miss.
They were coming in a little quicker than expected and welcoming New Fubarians to the site. 

Has anyone seen or heard from thepurestofangels as of late?

I have not been able to get in touch with her for quite some time and i'm wondering if she's doing ok.

This is a long shot but may with any luck someone has heard from her.

I've been working on a site for a little while now...a fubar promotional type site.
I remember working on a template awhile back and thought i could probably use it as a starting point.
Enough on the blah blah blah and let say what i want to say...
If anyone is interested, maybe you have a domain of your own and a hosting account or if not a hosting account there's tons of free ones out there, i put this template together and maybe you'd use it as a starting point for promoting fubar out on the F*cked up World Wide Web.
This is just indended for people who have thought about creating a site for that purpose.
If interested, download the 1 page file.

Here's what it looks like:





Ok wow, I've been on here since Dec 30 2005 and i'm only on level 22...something is seriously wrong with this picture. I think i need to start hitting some more rates, comments etc. All i want for christmas is to get to level 25. I was workin rather hard when i first came on here but i think i slipped on some beer in one of the lounges and left for a while. I would ask how many people have been here 3 years and still aren't at level 25 (atleast) but i don't think the response would be to high at all. So what's this blog about? I don't know...just a blog with words that are meaningless and that are just here i guess.

Ok listen up lol I am extremly bored and have nothing to do. It's very rare i get like this, so i'm going around picking just random people giving a random ammount of fubucks away. If you're one of those random people i hit up and you're reading this...that's why. No need to ponder why i gave u ca$h
Ok so i know why i left for awhile there. It looks like fubar still has a list of fucking loosers on here huh. I had posted a MUMM earlier today regarding a feature i had in mind and wanted to get opinions on it, well it seems to be to fucking offensive for some of you idiots out there. So....if my shit is being deleted for no reason i'll give you fuckers something to report. Whoever reported my MUMM step up here and tell me who it was. This shit don't make a difference to me, i don't want to socialize with people like this. I just thought i'd come back, check it out and see if the drama had stopped even just a bit...hahaha who the hell am i kidding. Well mother fuckers that's my rant hahahaha. I'm out of here...


Chow for now...oh yeah and i apologize to those who didn't do anything...it's my little rant.

Ok so here's my rant for the day lol. I've cleaned up my family list to the people i talk to. This is how i look at people. LOWER CLASS = They'll help others if they can MIDDLE CLASS = They'll give a hand to those who need it if they can provide it. HIGHER CLASS = Will help to a certain degree than when they get what they want, they're too good for the ones that aren't up their level. lol not sure if any of that made sense...but i've been getting to realize that more and more. Don't mind this bullshit talk haha as it's just my rant for today...ta ta for now ;)

Well i worked 6 days last week at 9-10 hours a day and i think it got the best of me this morning. What i do is called replenishing at the safeway distribution warehouse. I work up in the towers, all boxes are labeled with number, i cut open all the boxes and cut the plastic on all products than send them down it's appropriate shoot for orders to be packaged before being shipped out. If the shoots are full we have to understock them, which means put them under the shelf. Well i had a dream that i was working and i was looking for a certain box that was in understock, so i woke up, went into my pants pocket and pulled out my lighter, lit it than looked around for the understock box, than is when i asked myself..what the hell am i doing, i'm at home in bed so i put the lighter away, got up and came on the computer for a bit than went back to bed.
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