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joy xi anger nu sorrow ai fear ju love ai hate wu lust yu
propriety li music yue archery she charioteering yu writing shu mathematics shu
filial piety xiao friendship you kindness mu love of kin yin endurance ren charity xu
wisdom zhi benevolence ren good faith xin righteousness yi moderation Zhong harmony he
literature wen conduct xing loyalty zhong good faith zin
right de behavior proper yan speech proper rong demeanour, appearance proper gong employment, needlework & cookery
humanity East properity South rectitude West wisdom North
benevolence wood propriety fire good faith earth righteousness metal knowledge water
Virtues Love/Charity, Caritas Hope, Spes Faith, Fides Temperance, Temperantia Justice, Iustitia Courage, Fortitudo Wisdom, Sapientia And Vices Lust, Luxuria Gluttony, Gula Avarice/Greed, Avaritia Wrath, Ira Envy, Invidia Pride, Superbia
Y, "right conduct, morality, duty to one's neighbor," righteousness. Y may be broken down into: zhong1, doing one's best, conscientiousness, "loyalty", and sh, "reciprocity," altruism, consideration for others, "what you don't want yourself, don't do to others"
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