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wife has been having massive pains in her back so went to a so called specialist to get it checked what a fucking quack he was.didnt find out till we got home a day later that she has a ruppage disk and 3 other disks at screwed up also.going today 12/9/08 to see another doctor to see what he says should be done.if she needs surgery we might get it done then move back to pennsylvania cause my job doesn't pay enough to keep the van and morgage up.i already had my 05 neon repo'd cause she didnt tell me we were 4 mths behind on payments.well my son will be glad to see me thats for sure but he doesn't know i dont have my car anymore unless daughter told him.so once again my life is fubar'd. tc all joecool
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Evilafternoon all still butt freezing out and i came back ho...
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