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Female · Joined on January 13, 2007 · Relationship status: Single · 13 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 1 person has a crush on me!

Today is...hell, I don't even know.

Be back some day.

Been away from Fu for a long time. I play a lot of video games, therefore, I am not here for months at a time, however, I ALWAYS come back. :D

TY to everyone who keeps visiting me, rating pics, throwing me bombs, keeping me in fam, etc., when I'm not around!

I love u guys!

I keep some Fubarians that need help on here,
so please try to hit them up,
if you have a chance.

If you want to be linked on this page,
just drop me a message or SB me.
Feel free to RIP MY SKINZ

[My "About Me" is on the "Interests" tab up there ^]

Still working on these; few more I want to add and 2 of them need repaired, (bit off-color). If there are other link-outs that you think would help people, feel free to message them. I've seen the blue-button-webkit running around, but I think it's pretty self explanatory (don't need the text descriptions). These are clean/pretty & I don't feel it's fair to be forced to put someone in your family or be charged in any way for simple code. I'll be posting a blog with the code + URL & image links, & instructions so that anybody can do it themselves & just take it. Note: "Bar Tab" is the Live Feed & all these buttons open up in a new browser window - it's easier to refer back & link out to someone for returning a comment & such. The webkits I've seen open in the same window & you have to keep hitting the button to get back.


If you have a minute, go visit them;
show them some luv!
You'll get it back in return!
Leveling can be tough.
Viewing Fubar as more of a popularity game
than a social/dating site
will help with leveling.
Veteran Fu'z already know this...LOL
However, everybody will, or already has,
made some very good friends here!


PLZ go show him some love! He is AWESOME!

Show him some luv; an awesome friend!

Needs Fu-Luv!

Show my owner some luv, too!



A LONG time Fu-Friend,
as in YEARS :)

Lord Periwinkle of Fu

Give him some luvin'z!

Visit Dibs's LIKE HELL. Go check out her recipe for 1000 LIKES:

Great Leveling Tips that Chuggy put together - Give it a big "Thumbs Up", then check out his page! ;):

Johnnydevil, our own personal Fubar PI, has a fantastic blog that reveals fakes, cheaters & other stuff...plz show him some luv:

Now, OFF YOU GO! Hit those LIKES & Leave a comment!

Female · Joined on January 13, 2007 · Relationship status: Single · 13 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 1 person has a crush on me!
Extreme animal lover, goofy, dorky, sarcastic,
high-brow humored & love red beer
(sometimes people don't realize I'm joking)
:/ but I am!
Adore cats & penguins
Gamer & Geek
Dragon Age & Neverwinter Nights mod freak

Roman Catholic
Fav Fu-Drinks: Margarita & Fubar Keg
Meat-eater, but have Pescatarian phases
Michael Parkes Artwork
Chronic Migraines
(doc keeps me loaded!)

Support ALF! That means if I'm driving down the road & I see some moron kick his dog or cat, (or see/hear of any type of animal abuse), they're going to be minus a pet very soon; as soon as I can get to it, and trust me when I say I haven't been opposed to a B&E,
if necessary. :)

I like to work remotely as a tech support & mentor for data, network abuse, video, & telephony. Was working from home since 2006, but this year I've been back "outside"...it's cool atm. Most of my clothes are of the pajama genre tho...lol

Love the Bioware AD&D games for PC, Minecraft, Skyrim and some console games (mainly rhythm & old school stuff like Tekken, Mario, DDR, Guitar Hero & Rock Band; also like the HOG mystery games from Big Fish Games.

Plz don't get upset if I take a while to respond; I have to work outside the building as well as inside at my job now. I try to keep up with everybody that hits me...:)
Leave a comment & I def won't miss you.
(unless it falls off)

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