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DAWNForever Sisterhood's blog: "Chicken"

created on 04/02/2007  |  http://fubar.com/chicken/b70102


Why does love hurt and make me cry? Wishing I was with you or much rather die? Why does it seem like this was meant to be, Testing the love between you and me? The stars are so many; I can't even count, That’s how much I miss you, no doubt! Why does it feel like I am trapped? And you are my hero without a map? Knowing you'll be waiting whenever I call, You'll always be there whenever I fall. Why does love hurt and make me sad? I want to hurt myself because I am so mad! The pain inside me is so real, It's hard to believe you’re the real deal. I reach out to you but you are not there, My heartaches seem so hard to bare. I know you think this is so unfair, I could just leave and not even care. People will say we're not really in love, But only we can tell if our love is love. Sometimes I feel all alone, As if I could be in my own little zone. Wishing I could hold you again and again, Knowing when I'm with you there is no end. Why does love hurt and get bundled up inside? The butterflies are gone and maybe even died. I'd wish and I'd wish, but wishes don’t come true. For if I had to wish, I'd wish for you! You can’t give up on love when you know it is there, You promised you wouldn't hurt my heart, not even a tear. So now when I lay down to dream at night, I dream that someday we’ll be back in the light. Hoping you'll always be right by my side, Protecting me, loving me, kissing me too, Caring for me and saying, "I do.” How do you question love and know what it means? For I've never felt this way, are you the right one? You make me feel so special and touch me like you care, Knowing you might have to let go. You said you'd wait forever 'till I was back in your arms. You said you'd wait a lifetime to see my stunning smile. You said you'd make me happy And love me more then anyone. How can this be? How easy is it to fall in love? Because it wasn't hard for me. You’re all I ever wanted and maybe a little more But if this was meant to be, I don’t regret a thing. I'm sure it was and now you'll have to wait. For falling asleep with you, I'd go back and do it again. To just have you in my presence And hold your loving hand and never let go. It may have cost me my life and maybe even you, But someday we'll be the same as we were then. Because you never stop loving someone, You can only love them more!
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