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I wished my Family && Friends would just support me with who I am and who I want to be. I want them to Accept the decisions I make in MY life. Only like a few people understand me, and that few doesnt concern my family. My family doesnt know me! They think im just the perfectest daughter, granddaughter ever! Yea I will admit, I am a great person, and I have never done anything extreamally bad. But they dont understand that life is differnt than the way it was when my parents were growing up! I dont like how my family always tells me what can I cannot do. I will be 20 before I know it, and gosh it just kills me! Soon Im gonna start making money so I can move out! Maybe me and my girls will get a apt! I never thought id be saying I want to move out so bad, but quite frankly I DO ! Mom gets mad bc im not like her, and im differnt, and she doesnt understand. Thats not my problem! I just want my family to understand me ! Why cant they. Its not hard. Im not a bad person. They say they trust me, and they have every right to bc im a very trusting person. But sometimes I dont think they do ! Im planning to go on a mini vacation this summer, With some of the people who actually care about me and who are there for me every second ! They mean the world to me and I love them very much. I wanna tell my friends.. Brandi, Caitlin, Mike... You guys are the best friends any girl could ask for! I dont know what I would have done without you guys! You guys mean so much to me than words can describe. Chad... You are the greatest person ever. Inside and out! Dont let these assholes in this world ever bring you down, bc when your sad I am sad. I wished we lived closer and we could move away from all of this hatred and madness in this damn world. I hope we are friends forever and We live to grow closer to each other! I miss you so much! To my family who is on here. I love you guys so much, and you are not the ones im talking about when I say you dont understand me! Its other family. Its just, Life is going well for me, but when I get happy for once, someone always trys to bring me down! I have said that many of times before but its the truth, and I hate it so much! Why cant people just let me be happy for once! Im trying to live my life the way I want to, and oviously its not good enough for my family and friends to relize that its my life. They should live theirs and not worry about mine. I shall quit talking now. But I need to let out this anger on here, and not to my parents. I dont like yelling and fighting, it never solves anything! If anyone read this, sorry you had to. I love you guys! Have a good week guys ! Take care <3 Alesha
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